Whether you are writing for a class, research paper, or blog, politics can be difficult to explain.  The content is opinion mixed with fact.  Politics is the essence of mingling ideological interpretations with real-life events.  Doing so in an informative and interesting way can be more than just difficult, but near impossible.  The following tips will guide you in writing about politics.

Writing About Politics

  1. Write about what You know.  Trying to write about the situation in Uzbekistan would be difficult for anyone, but if you don’t know much about the country or its political system it could turn out to be disastrous.  So either do not write about the subject or research it until you can effectively describe the circumstances you are interested in.
  2. Use Valuable Resources.  Not all sources are the same.  Using your local weatherman’s opinion about the crisis in North Korean underground migration might not be the most relevant resource for your article or paper.  Look for valuable places online or heaven forbid look in a book.  Telling your readers where you found your information will not only give your paper more credibility but it will also make your article/paper worth coming back to.
  3. Don’t Use Wikipedia.  Now I love wikipedia just as much as anyone else for browsing topics and checking out random information, but it should never be used as a primary source.  If anything, use it to get a quick but skeptical summary of the topic.  Then use the article as a launching point for your research.  Often the citations can be a great place to start your research.
  4. Write Timeless Material.  The beauty of politics is the timeless nature of the current events.  Writing about what happens today will stay with society forever as history.  Writing about politics in a way that teaches timeless principles using current events makes your information valuable for more than just the next week.  For example, an article or post about a new candidate’s run for president will only be interesting for a short period, but add information about similar events and historical trends that are relevant to it and you have a timeless article.
  5. Share Your Opinion.  Politics are full of debate, controversy and opinion so make sure what you write offers your intellectual contributions to the topic.  You might not be an expert, but your opinion is worth writing about.  Also, opinion backed by research and evidence is far more interesting to read than an article with no personal argument and only “facts”.  Remember, history is only what we decided to remember.  It is a memory of interpreted events and time periods.  So write and shape yours.

Writing about politics can be fun and intellectually stimulating if the proper steps are followed to make the articles interesting and informative.  So start writing today about a topic you know well that interests you.

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