Here is how I start out building a Balance Druid up to level 29. Hope it helps and see what you think…

The first two talent points I get go right into Improved Mark of the Wild over on the Restoration Tree. More armor and higher resistances are just good things in my opinion. Get 20% more armor for yourself and your group members with the click of a button.

The next five talent points go straight into Starlight Wrath. I know it seems like a small gain per talent point at just .1 second speed increase but its critical. Often some will start with putting these points into Genesis as it looks like a good deal. Genesis is great but its best to wait till later to invest in it and here is why. Wrath is your go-to spell for damage not only at low levels but for most of your Balance Druid life. You need to be able to get these things in the air fast. You will be building on this cast faster theme as you progress so start now. It will make a big difference. So by level 16 you are casting Wrath .5 seconds faster (1.5 second cast time instead of a 2 second cast time) which means you can cast 25% more spells per minute and a higher DPS.

At this point put three points into the Moonglow talent to drop the mana cost of the most commonly used spells by 9%. This is huge as when you think of your mana like ammunition and yourself as a gun. Without mana your Balance Druid talents are completely useless. This one will feel kind of boring for three levels but it is very important for now and in the future.

Now comes the fun stuff. Everything up to this point has been creating a base to build on. Put the next seven talent points into Improved Moonfire, Natures Majesty and Natures Grace. Here you are jacking the critical chance on your three main offensive spells, gaining a half second cast speed boost on crit and helping healing. Your Moonfire spell will hit harder and have a higher chance to crit as well. Remember that 1.5 second Wrath from above? Combine that with a proc on Natures Grace and youve got a 1 second Wrath spell allowing you to get two Wraths in the air at the same time. Knock a half a second off of the long casting Starfire and it becomes a bit more useful in close quarters.

The last three talent points you get up to level 29 go into Natures Splendor and Natures Reach. These make spell effects last longer and let you hit targets that are further away. For the time being stay away from Brambles. You defiantly want to max out the Brambles talent once you get Force of Nature (aka Trees) but it does not do much for you at this point.

So thats my starting Balance Druid build. Youll hit hard and fast and tear stuff up in the Battlegrounds as well. Remember you can always rebuild your talent trees for a few gold so dont be afraid to experiment. With the above base build you are well on your way to becoming a Boomkin worthy of fear and respect!

WP spends way too much time running his Druid around the World of Warcraft. You can find him in the Battlegrounds or playing with his website at Thanks!

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