Right to the last the oldest blogger in the world was making entries. Olive Riley, of Broken Hill, Australia, died peacefully in July, at a fabulous 108 years-old. Though she didn’t have the strength to get out of bed, she was still managed to peck away at the keyboard of her computer. “It doesn’t require much strength to be a blobber,” said Olive.

The Life of Riley, received more than a million hits in the 18 months it was live. Olive was the only resident in the retirement home to operate a website and a ‘blob’. A filmmaker of a documentary on the life and times of Olive Riley, Mike Rubbo said, “Olive was introduced to blogging by and an older friend who had taken up blogging.”

Unfortunately Olive did not have the strength to speak on a US talk show, when invited to do so, though her fans came from all over the world.

Perhaps we all take ourselves too seriously, along with our Google rating and the number of hits our blob gets. Maybe we could learn some lessons from Olive.

Before she dropped off to sleep, Olive liked to do her thinking. Perhaps this was the key to her success. Some experts (whoever they may claim to be), say our brain works sharper and better at night than during the day. Perhaps like Olive, we would be more successful if we ‘blobbed’ at night. Or at least got our ideas and motivation for blogging, in the night hours (which is something a lot of us do).

What would your results be if you blogged every week for the next thirty years? Olive made 70 entries on her life experiences, in just eighteen months. Experiences that covered two World Wars, a world depression, the advent of motor cars and large commercial planes, electricity and the exciting world of computers. Olive was also employed as a cook on a station in outback Queensland and a barmaid in Sydney.

Now you are a lot younger more energetic than Olive, so say you write 5 blogs a week, for 50 weeks of the year. That is a total of 250 per year, or 2500 in 10 years, 5000 in 20 years, and 7500 in 30 years. That’s around 2,250,000 words.

What if each of your blogs received a mere 500 hits? That would be a total of 3,750,000 hits in 30 years. What if you could score an average income of just $1 per blog? You would become a $3.75 millionaire in just a short thirty years. Of course you would have the money out at interest during that time so maybe that would make you a???

So what’s in this for you? Don’t ever quit. Most people give up just when it is about to get going. You never know when you’re once in a lifetime Blue Moon Opportunity will bring home the bacon, (or is that meant to be the champagne).

Rick and Wendy are CEO’s of YouMe Support Foundation charity that gives away non repayable high school education grants to children who will never have the opportunity to have a high school education without outside assistance.

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