Are you still designing html pages for days to build your review sites? It is too ineffective to use html files to build websites. I highly recommend WordPress to build affiliate review sites!

Firstly, it is easy to install. It only takes minutes to have a website up and running! Secondly, it is very easy to use. It is an excellent free CMS(Content Management System) that everyone can easily master and use. Thirdly, it is backed up by innumerous powerful plugins which can meet various requirements.

Now, I will explain how to set up a WP review site in minutes by following the steps below:

1. Download the latest version of WordPress.

Go to and download the latest version. After the download process complete, you need to unzip the file. Then copy or upload the file by FTP or other ways to the folder in your web host where you want to save the file.

2. Configure your WordPress.

After you upload all the files to your web host, open the corresponding folder of your domain in a browser and you will be directed to configure the information including your email address, database, database name and so on. After all the process is completed, you will be given a password. Then you can log into your control panel and set your website.

3. Find A WP Theme Suitable For Review Site.

Go to find a suitable theme suitable for building review site. I give some tips of choosing a suitable theme below:

a) No navigation at top of the homepage.

b) Related to Your niche. A theme related to the niche will probably achieve high conversion rate.

c)  Don’t use widgets except for categories.

4.  Upload The Theme And Activate.

You can upload the theme directly to the folder /content/themes/new-theme-name, or use WP to upload the theme. Go to “Appearance” and click on “Add New Themes”, then click on the “Upload” button on the left of the control panel.Find the theme, upload and activate it.

5.  Add Posts and Copies

Then you have completed 50% of your review site, Now you will start to add you copies into your review site. You need to put the best product in the first place in your homepage. Actually, it is hard to control the order of your posts. So you need to find some plugins which allow you to arrange the order of post and enable your visitors to rate your products.

If you can not find a suitable theme for review site, you can click here to find Premium review site themes/templates and WordPress review site plugin to arrange the order of your posts. Or click here to find more about how to build WP review site

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