WordPress has been widely used by a lot of internet marketers because it’s easy to use and install, convenient to edit website content and highly flexible. But there is a matter that WordPress is not designed to serve internet marketing. We have to make some changes of and some optimizations to usual themes and find appropriate plugins to make themes look like review sites!

Now let me spill the beans to you how to make review sites with WordPress! Just follow the steps below. You will easily turn your wordpress site into review website!

WordPress Themes Optimizing

1. Choose appropriate themes. Use light color background(white background is the most appropriate). Don’t use navigation on the top of the themes just like usual review site. Name your blog as Best Product Reviews or something like that.

2. Deactivate widgets. Do not use any widgets to distract your visitors from reading your sales copy! Remove all the widgets from your blog! All your visitors need to do is to read your sales copy and take action!

Review Site Optimization

After you choose appropriate themes and make optimization of them as review sites. You still need to optimize the whole website. Make sure you do the right things in landing page optimization. You read my other articles and learn main stuff in optimizing your affiliate site!

Use WordPress Affiliate Plugins

One great advantage of using WP is that it’s supported by numerous powerful plugins! There are a lot of plugins that can be used for affiliate marketing, like traffic tracking plugin, all in one SEO plugin and the like.

No matter you use PPC, SEO or other ways to drive traffic to your website. WP is a great way to build review sites. It is widely used by a lot of internet marketers. All you have to do is find appropriate themes and plugins, do Review Site Optimization. You can be a great WordPress professional!

Now you can take a look at some examples of  Excellent WordPress Review Sites. You can get an insight how to build review site with wordpress. Or go to my blog to learn more about how to build wp review sites!

Internet Marketing Expert, engaged in affiliate marketing for years.

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