Do you want to change the background of your wordpress? If you want to change the background of your wordpress, it is very easy and simple. This whole process is of a matter of minutes. But first you must have the image and also you have to navigate to your FTP in order to make these changes. Keep in mind that the image which you are using, will reproduce itself to make the background of your wordpress. You cannot use a wallpaper as a background because it would increase the load time of your blog and it will also not give you the visual effect which, you are looking for. Also keep in mind that no one likes a background which distracts them from the main content of the website or blog so make sure that the background is nothing like this.

In order to change the background of your wordpress, you must first login from your FTP account and find the folder named wp-content and open it. In this folder, look for a folder named as themes and open it. In this folder, you will see your theme name. In the theme folder, you will see a folder named ‘images’ and open this folder. If this is the right place where you should be then there would be a file named as bgcolor.jpg. Click this image; it would be of your current background.

Copy past the current background image to save a backup of this image. Now you are all set to upload the new picture for the background, which you have already kept, saved on your computer and upload it in the same profile. Find the image, which you have uploaded and rename, is as the same image which was in the theme/image folder before.

The background image will be update as soon as you have finished uploading it. Make sure that you do no close your FTP account just yet. Check the new update and make sure that the picture that you have uploaded and replaced with the original one, is working fine on your website or blog. This last step is the most important because this will tell you that whether the image you uploaded, suits your blog or not.

IF you are not satisfied with the image then you can repeat all the steps over again and upload a new image for your effective WordPress.

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