Currently, the two biggest blogging sites are WordPress and Blogger. They are both popular with many users and have been battling it out for the top spot. But, one of them stands out from the other. WordPress.

Why do I say WordPress?

Well, it’s kind of like the battle between MySpace and Facebook. It ended up as Facebook being known as the more professional and cleaner social networking site whereas MySpace was more for the kids. Many people still use both, but that is the created perception nowadays.

It’s the same way with WordPress and Blogger. WordPress is more professional with many options and can make blogs look like websites while Blogger is more for “the kids” with limited options and looks like an amateur blog instead of a website.

WordPress has several plugins that allows for customizations as well as a variety of free wordpress themes for layout. Blogger doesn’t have these options. They have a standard set of themes and doesn’t completely support plugins.

The best thing about WordPress is how a person can create pages on it. This separates things into menus such as “About us”, “Contact”, “FAQ” and pages like that. This is what makes WordPress blogs look more like websites than just amateur blogs.

WordPress automatically has a statistics page in your backend that tracks how many visits you get and what search terms people typed to get to your page. It also shows from what links visitors clicked to get to your blog and what links they clicked on your blog posts.

Overall, WordPress is more user-friendly with more gadgets and options to make your blog look great compared to the Blogger blogs. So consider using WordPress when you make your blog.

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