How to get wordpress themes
There are two routes to getting a premium wordpress themes.
The first is to find a designer that sells premium wordpress themes. Generally you’ll want to look for designs that are highly and easily customizable, have a degree of support (whether that be direct with the designer or via a forum), offer upgrades/updates to fix bugs or add new features, and offer more than “run of the mill” features you could easily find in a free theme.
The second is to hire a designer to create a unique blog template to your exact specifications. You’ll want to take a look at their portfolio to ensure that they’re creating bespoke sites, and maybe talk to some of their previous clients to see how the process went.
The first option is cheaper and quicker but you still may not own a completely unique wordpress themes.
The second option is more expensive and takes longer to implement, but you’ll hopefully get a design that’s truly your own.
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More advantage
Look and Feel
Whether you’ve had your blog template designed for you, or you’ve customized a premium theme, the way it looks and operates will be unique and tailored to your blog.
Ease of use
If you’ve picked a good wordpress themesor designer, it should be really easy to add new elements without breaking the template or having to get bogged down in the code. This means you have more time for creating content and building community than wrestling with how things work.
I found that after I’d invested some money in a premium wordpress themes, I took more pride in my blog. Though I didn’t spend much on the wordpress themes, it was enough to change my mindset and take my site more seriously. Not only did the theme present content much more attractively but it looked more professional and encouraged me to work harder at building it.
This might not work for everyone, but I find that if I’ve invested money (beyond basic hosting and domain name costs that everyone incurs) I’m more likely to stick with a project.
Long term view
Linked to the pride factor, I’ve taken a much longer term view of my blog design, and am more likely to let it evolve over time rather than completely redesign it.
When I was running free wordpress themes, I found myself tweaking or even replacing the design more often. After I invested in a premium wordpress themes, I left the foundations alone and added things that created more worth.
That’s not to say that I’ll never revamp the design in the future, but I’m far less likely to do so on a whim.


It’s possible to run a successful blog off the back of a free wordpress themes, but moving to a premium wordpress themesdefinitely has its advantages.
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Free wordpress theme you can download at wpstyles dot org
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