<p>Did you know that there is actually a book entitled WordPress For Dummies, and it even has a Kindle counterpart?  Guess what?  You don’t need it.


<p>Wordpress is the internet’s most popular – and many claim that it is the internet’s best –blogging platform.  Its solid infrastructure, accessible features, intuitive interface, and highly customizable nature makes it a very powerful and ever-evolving web tool that helps people create and maintain blogs with absolute ease.  Furthermore, WordPress is being hailed as more than just a blog.  It is, in reality, a simplified content management system that makes content publication and syndication very, very convenient and easy.


<p>Yes, WordPress is very easy to learn, very easy to use, and very easy to master.  WordPress For Dummies?  Pffft.  Save your cash for something that will teach you the hard stuff in life.  WordPress is as newbie-friendly as newbie-friendly can ever be.


<p>If you know how to use the cPanel feature of your web hosting account, then you can install WordPress very easily.  Most web hosting services, via the cPanel feature, provides for you the option to choose which content management system you want to install, WordPress being one of them.  Make your choice, and cPanel will take care of the rest. 


<p>Manually installing WordPress is a little bit harder, but it isn’t difficult by any means.  You don’t need a WordPress For Dummies book for this.  Just download the installer from their official website, www.wordpress.org, and upload the same on your root folder or your public folder, if you want your domain name to directly load up your blog, or a subfolder if you want people to be led to your blog via a subpage of your domain.


<p>Once installed, you can start posting immediately.


<p>Or you can opt to look for a WordPress theme that suits the blog you have in mind and install it as well.  Installing themes is very, very easy too.  Using the same FTP client or cPanel’s file manager, upload the zipped theme package on the wp-content/themes folder.  Then go to the wp-admin page of your actual blog.  From there, you can go to the dashboard, select Themes, then choose the theme that you want your blog to assume.


<p>Easy, no?  That’s a single paragraph of instructions compared to an entire chapter in a WordPress For Dummies book.


<p>Installing WordPress plugins work the same way.  Again using the FTP client or cPanel’s file manager, upload the plugin you want to use on the wp-content/plugins folder.  Then go to the wp-admin dashboard once more, select Plugins, then select Install.  Better yet, if you’re using the default WordPress theme, you can upload the plugin straight from the dashboard itself.


<p>Learning WordPress is as easy as learning how to count.  Once you have started to tinker with the many features of this blogging platform, you’ll realize that, indeed, a WordPress For Dummies book would be completely unnecessary as most of the things about WordPress can be intuitively learned.

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