So many blogs on the internet and so many more start everyday. How can I start my own blog? What to do? How to get visitors? This kind of problems are very familiar for the people who start blogging. Let’s look at the number one problem most bloggers face.

And that problem is keeping their blog current. Current meaning posted in on a regular basis. How many blogs have you seen that start out like gang busters and then have not been written in for several weeks or even several months.

Because people who visit your blog will not come back unless they like what they read you owe it to them to keep it current. At the very least that means a couple of new articles per week. Depending on the theme of your blog it could be more like several times per week. To get as much repeated traffic as possible you have to get on a schedule and stick to it.

If you are not sure how often to post look at what your competitors are doing. This is the model you should strive to achieve. If you are into blogging to make money your income as well as your reputation depends on keeping up with the competition. You just can not do that blogging on an inconsistent basis.

If you were to chart your blog posts and traffic then you would hope to see an arrow pointing up on a steady incline. You would hope to see a straight line across the page if you are just being consistent. If your graph looks like a roller coaster ride you need to find the time to correct that.

Many bloggers have full time jobs with family, kids and other things in their lives. This makes it hard to always be able to blog. You need to find time everyday to research, write, submit, and social bookmark your posts. Depending on your schedule you may want to make that the same time everyday.

Many bloggers do it first thing everyday before they get into their hectic schedule. Then if you do miss a day it will not affect you much because you already have so many posts made. And you will be able to get back on track tomorrow.

Understand that your blog posts do not have to be 1000 word masterpieces. Many times a well written informative article of 200 words is enough and can be done fairly quickly.

Another thing to look at is writing several posts in advance and then all you have to do is submit them. You may be allowed to schedule (depending on blog platform) when you want the posts to be made ahead of time. This is even better when you have a busy week and do not want to have to remember if you submitted your article that day.

I like writing ahead of schedule for bloggers who are writing a series or on one theme. You can sit down on a sunday and in a couple of hours knock out your whole week. Then set it up to publish when you want and you are done for the week.

How important is posting everyday or on a regular basis. Major blogs have guest bloggers when they are on vacation or unable to post. One idea is to actually have several of your readers write for you. Your readers will enjoy that and you can even run contests on who was the best guest blogger for the week.

When you do this make sure you have read some of your guest bloggers articles before you agree to let them write for you. It is still your blog and can reflect bad on you if you have poor quality material in your blog.

So there you have it. Keeping your blog current is the number one problem faced by bloggers today. Hopefully this article has convinced you to work a little harder and not falling into the trap of posting on an irregular basis.

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