Tools for Bloggers to find out where they are on Google, Yahoo, Aol, MSN and Alta Vista.  Learn how to find where your blog is in search engine results.

I have been using the following search engine rankings tool for understanding what search engines are doing with my blog posts.  For example, when searching I found out why blog, is ranked #1 whenever you type the keyword “political blog tips”.  That is a relief to know you are #1 for your own blogs title…

This is useful to study where your blog is making headway through keywords and where you could use some work.  It also highlights why a great title or headline needs to be descriptive.  For example, my blog post  “6 Reasons to Blog About Politics” is not only #1 for the title but also for “reasons to blog about politics”.  So as you blog, get your titles away from generic names and focus on ones that will bring specific and targeted traffic to each article.

So where is this miraculous tool… well for future reference it is in the “Web Tools” page of my blog under “Blog administration” or you can find the link below…

Search Engine Rankings

Good luck using your keywords to find out how popular you really are…

To use this tool most effectively I would create a spreadsheet through excel or any other spreadsheet software on your computer.  Then list all of the keywords in one column and in the next column under the date put the ranking.  This will allow you to see your progression and even graph it if you please!!!  I will show what mine looks like below…

Search Engine Rankings Worksheet

Search Engine Rankings Worksheet

I use the “-” whenever I am not in the top 50 for results and only put the rank of Google in the date.  You can do it as you please though.

Did you try it?  Tell us how it went?

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