How to Change the WordPress Theme Header and Overall Colors.

This post is for all the people out there wordpress theme how toare using prosense task, but need to customise theme. Assuming you know how to use FTP and edit images, I should show you how I customised the header image, the subscribe button image, and the overall color of each column. When I searched for the way to do that I found very little information that related to this theme. So that is why I made a decision to pen this post.

Changing this image will only change the background image. It will not change the title text and the RSS subscribe icon.

jpg – Controls the look of the RSS subscribe icon on the header.

jpg – This image controls how the column colours will look and how the overall colours will look.

First wordpress theme how toyou need to do is ftp copies of the three files from your prosense wordpress theme how to directory wp-content twordpress theme how to prosenseimages folder to your pc. Simply open every one of the photographs in your image revising program and change them as you see fit.

Note : The boundaries, and fashion of the header are managed by the .CSS code in your style.css page.

header_footer_img. jpg – This is a solid color wordpress theme how to that may be modified to whatever you want. Keep in mind that the title text and rss icon will stay in their same position on the wordpress theme how toand will overlay any background image you put. Also if you want to get rid of the title context you can simply take away the title in your wordpress admin settings but you will luck out on the ability to click the title to get back to your house page.

rss-feed-icon. jpg – (A little secret) If you increase this icon size it will increase your header size but will tile the header background image. You can change this icon to however you would like it to look and it will still work properly when you wordpress themes

page_background. jpg – This image is a very thin image with three or 4 colours on it. Each of the colours outline the color of each column of the theme from left to right. Be careful and backup this image before altering the colors.

If you have any questions regarding this feel free to reach me or visit my site Money Reservoir and leave a comment on this post.
How to Change the Prosense WordPress Theme Header and Overall Colors.

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