Views From My Space: The Personal Blogs of a World Citizen

Product Description

World Citizen No. 1 goes blogging! But his viewpoint is “out of this world!” looking “down”! Is it really an “Iraqi war” from on high? What’s the “secret” US constitutional amendment citizens can use to neutralize a president’s war powers? Is “humiliation” a pre-cause of conflict? What would “Space.” “Water,” and “Sleep” tell us if “interviewed”? Is “World Money” the solution to our present economic “meltdown”? Does a national presidential election have relevance in the 21st “Nuclear” century? Do billionaires ever “feel” poor? And what’s the real cause of war? Views From My Space is provocative, refreshing, illuminating and fun. Davis’ eclectic mind wanders authoritatively throughout the human comedy/tragedy as a bird flying above the ever-changing scene below, observant yet detached. The founder/head of the World Government of World Citizens pinpoints with an eagle eye the world moving inexorably toward Armageddon or Millenium as former jagat gurus* have prophesied. *World teachers

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