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Quick Tip: Learning How To Promote Political Blogs on Twitter

Here is a quick tip about promoting political blogs on the social media platform Twitter. I’m going to focus on how to use Twitter specifically today.  The key with promoting political blogs is finding a place where you can encourage people to engage with you and have discussions. Naturally Twitter is a great place for [...]

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How to Enable Feedburner Email Subscriptions

I was having a bit of trouble setting up my rss feed a while back for another blog and kept trying to figure out how to get the email subscriptions to work! I was getting so frustrated I could not get everything set up the way I wanted to. Then I came across the “email [...]


Amazing Traffic Day: Social Media Like Digg and Stumbleupon Really Work

Darren from Problogger.net tells us about his amazing traffic day. Learn how Digg, Stumbleupon and other social media sources can increase your traffic, subscribers and ad revenue. Read about these amazing events below where Darren got 250,000 visits in a day! WOW. Wednesday was the biggest day of traffic that I’ve seen to any of [...]

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Submit Url: How to Add Url to Search Engine

So you just started a blog or website. You want to let everyone know about it but are wondering how your blog will be found… That’s where search engines come in. Everyone has heard of Google, which is a search engine, and lets face it if you want to get found its the 1st place [...]


Facebook $100 Advertising Coupon

Looking to get traffic to your blog or website. Use Facebook advertising to hit a targeted audience you choose. From options of age, gender and location you can select who you want to target. Also, get $100 towards Facebook Advertising today. The $100 Facebook Advertising Coupon is being offered by Visa Business Network Facebook Application.  [...]


Web Tools: Search Engine Rankings

Tools for Bloggers to find out where they are on Google, Yahoo, Aol, MSN and Alta Vista.  Learn how to find where your blog is in search engine results. I have been using the following search engine rankings tool for understanding what search engines are doing with my blog posts.  For example, when searching I [...]

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Building Traffic: Exponential Growth

Well I am just listening to a little Radiohead and writing this post… Life is good! Today I want to talk about exponential growth of blog traffic.  Yes it does sound confusing… but don’t worry it is not.  I was reading about different traffic ideas and trying to get a feel for the time line [...]

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