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Writing About Politics

Whether you are writing for a class, research paper, or blog, politics can be difficult to explain.  The content is opinion mixed with fact.  Politics is the essence of mingling ideological interpretations with real-life events.  Doing so in an informative and interesting way can be more than just difficult, but near impossible.  The following tips [...]


5 Things Making Political Blogs Different

Writing for a political blog is different then describing what you ate for breakfast or telling everyone about your favorite vacation.  The focus is to educate, inspire and encourage readers to participate in politics.  Often it also includes a specific message the writer is trying to get across.  So how do political bloggers make their [...]

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Mess of Pottage

With the current economic crisis politics throughout the country have become cut and burn policy.  Policy analyists have never been more important than they are right now.  Same with economists, they are currently in a love-hate relationship with Americans.  Obama is starting to go down the same path as well. Americans are struggling to keep [...]

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WP Themes at StudioPress

I have just found the most amazing themes for WordPress.org (wordpress.com does not allow for customized themes) at StudioPress.com. There themes are streamlined, professional and come with lots of great service and an option for consulting. StudioPress is a premium wp theme producer, but “amazing” quality often comes with a price. Some of their amazing [...]

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How to Become a Politician

How do you become a Politician if you are actually interested? With so much going on in Politics today, maybe you are interested in finding out how to become a politician. Well there are different ways to learn how. I am going to start a series of posts about how to become a politician. Using [...]

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Louis Hartz: A Liberal Tradition

Now before anyone gets any ideas or misconceptions…. The Liberal Tradition in America is a must read for anyone interested in Politics.   Based upon the conception that Americans are “born equal, instead of becoming so,” (Tocqueville) this concept comes from our liberal traditions.  Now I don’t mean conservative or liberal from an ideological and often [...]

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Many political junkies have seen and know “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.  A Jimmy Stewart classic where an all-American “boy scout” goes to Washington to find it doesn’t meet his previous expectations.  Then with a little elbow grease, he cleans up Washington! Not only is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington a fantastic film, one of [...]

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