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Blogging Tips? Topics?

I’m starting a blog and I need something to write about. I really have no idea. What are good sites that have news, etc? I seriously have no idea. I’d like to blog about maybe some good artists, indie movies and bands. And cool news. I also have no idea when pictures are appropriate. Yes, [...]

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Jim Turner On How To Become A Professional Blogger

Are you a blogger but want to become a pro (AKA get paid for what you do)? According to Jim Turner, companies looking to hire a blogger want to see someone who is (1) active in a community and (2) …

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How To Become A Successful Progressive Blogger

This is Chris Bowers, from MyDD, on how to become a successful political blogger.


Bloggers Payback Review

Reason #1 – Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die Bloggers Payback Review gist of the Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die phenomenon is used to describe how new internet marketers tend to jump before they leap. This phenomenon is way too common and where these monkeys usually hover is around the Internet Marketing scene. I [...]

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Bloggers Payback Review – Bloggers Payback Scam

Are you tired of working your tail off to make money from your Bloggers Payback Review and having little or nothing to show for it? I feel your pain. I used to bust my tail to create great blogs, then wait in vain for the traffic and money to roll in. That’s not a problem [...]

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The Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2009-2010

Product Description The status of political blogging has risen immeasurably in the last twelve months with many leading bloggers becoming media personalities in their own right. This directory lists all 2,000 UK based political blogs and seeks to sort the wheat from the chaff. Leading media commentators and bloggers analyses the state of the blogosphere [...]

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Japanese Commercial Gba Sonic Pinball

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