Non-profit organizations tend to have a lot of respect because of their goal to worthy causes. Non-profits typically can only survive through the generous donations of others. If potential donors are going to your website and it has an unprofessional web design, then they most likely won’t be impressed and won’t donate their money. Don’t let this happen! There are a few things you can do to boost the look for your non-profit website.

First, figure out what are your goals for the organization and its website. What is the main message you want to deliver to viewers of your site?  A good message would be explaining what your non-profit does and the success of it. This general message could target just about anyone including donors and first-time visitors who reads your site. When you have stated goals and a clear outline of what you do, this shows potential donors that you are a legitimate organization and a good one to be involved in.

Figure out the type of style you want for your website. Many websites are starting to be built off WordPress, if this is the case for you, you’ll want to check out free WP themes to see the types of styles offered. Don’t just only use your selected style on your website, but through all your other promotional materials too.

A constant style in all of your marketing tools will help create a brand that people will begin to notice. The visual message in a style that is used through out the organization is powerful enough to be recognizable after just one look. For example, if you saw a picture of a red cross, you’d most likely immediately associate it with the American Red Cross.

Last few things to think about include remembering that “too many cooks spoils the broth”. This means that there is typically just one designer for a website, especially for a non-profit organization that doesn’t have too much money to give. So if you and all your co-workers are over-stepping each other telling the designer to “feature my department on front page” or “add my bio here” then there’s too many “cooks”.

Make sure to just have one person communicating the information to the designer and remembering that the designer is a professional and typically knows the best way to display your information. Also, realize that website design is an on-going maintenance process. It should be regularly revised so it’s up-to-date for its viewers.

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