Starting a Tauren Druid can be frustrating and boring. Why? The running over distances! The starting area for Horde Druids, Camp Narache, is really quite nice actually. With a Native American style theme you begin your life on an open sweeping plain. You’ve got a stick, one or two horns, a mighty stomp thing and a couple of spells…you’re ready to take on the world! Its actually nicer looking than the Alliance Druid starting area and you don’t have to worry about falling off that big tree (Night Elfs know what Im talking about). But while the vast open plain is nice to look at its a pain in the butt to run across.

The secret to beating the boredom is getting out of this opening area as fast as possible and on onto your first major Horde city (more like a town) called Bloodhoof Village. The way to accomplish this is cluster your quests and do them each cluster at a time. By this I mean grab everyone of the first round of quests, go do them then turn them in. I know, it sounds beyond simple, but a lot of time can be wasted in not doing this.

The reason some folks fail to do this is they get caught up on making a few copper. Its a bit nuts really. I was in there watching a level 3 Tauren Druid run around for about 20 minutes without leveling. I finally asked him, “You having trouble hitting lvl 4?” and he responded “My bag keeps getting full”….20 Minutes for what…50 copper? You’ve only got the one bag and it fills up fast. Do yourself a favor and don’t stop questing to run back and sell your extra stuff. Its simply not worth the time or the effort.

The biggest and longest run you’ll have to make is the couple of quests you’ll need to do in a ravine to east-southeast of your starting point. Head there to wack a bunch of pigs, to collect some belts and bring back some guys head. Make sure to get all three of these quests in hand before heading over there. (little time saving hint here…the guy whos head you need is located under the first “L” in the words Bramble Blade Ravine on the Map). If you do this first part right you can get done and out of the starting area in under 40 minutes easily.

You’ll be level 5 or 6, be able to have purchased all your spells up to that point, youll have a new stick, some new amour and be on the way to Bloodhoof before you know it. Once there you’ll find another Druid trainer, profession trainers, vendors and a butt load of quests.

My point? Dont get frustrated because its really fast if you just plow through that first part. Stick out the first 30-40 minutes and you’ll be good to go. Thanks!

Bill spends way too much time running his Druid around the Battlegrounds and adding to his website at Bill shares tips and tricks on running Druids in the World of Warcraft.

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