My favorite way to promote products through affiliate marketing is by recommending products on my blog. This is one of the most profitable business models for your average internet user to take advantage of the online goldmine. If you hit the right chords, your income will be much greater and grow faster than by using pay per click advertising or Google Adsense. Of course, promoting affiliate products through blogs is nothing new, there are many successful bloggers out there. This is great news for you, because it allows you leverage your community resources. By contacting other blog owners to write “guest posts” you can increase your traffic, backlinks, sales, and conversions by “becoming the expert.” When you have a blog with lots of subscribers or readers, you can also get experts in your niche to give you interviews! It’s fairly simple to set up a conference call or webinar online these days, you can even do it for free! Using strategies like this in combination with having a blog will equal huge success.

The truth is most bloggers simply make a post and expect income. WRONG! This is not how it works! You can write all the promotional articles you want, but if you’re not talking about what people care about, if you’re not hitting on the key frustrastions, desires, wants, and loves of your community, no one will read, no one will be interested, and no one will listen when you promote a product! So the first step to “starting a blog” is to do your research. Spend some unscripted time in the popular forums and social networks of your niche, and write down a list of these common issues. Make posts to ask questions about specific products, find out what people love and hate, and what they WOULD want in a product. You will often find, many products are simply lacking in a couple ways. This is your in. You can then create short videos or articles solving these problems, and even package your articles/videos together and use it as a BONUS if someone buys from your affiliate link.

Here’s another thing unsuccessful bloggers do: they are not honest. Look, the Internet is old enough for almost everyone to know that people promoting products on blogs make affiliate commissions. This is not a bad thing, but if you’re not upfront and honest about it, you’ll be seen as dodgy and get less sales/conversions. It is important that you do not simply promote anyting, just for the commission. Promote a product because you’ve tested it and truly believe in it. Know what you’re talking about before you post. It’s incedibly important to actually do research as a blogger. In fact, writing is not the majority of your work. It’s all about connecting people with problems to the right solutions.

After you’ve done your research, get your hosting and domain by going to Host Gator and typing in the code “1cent” when you get the option. The first month will cost one cent. Then go to wordpress and find a good theme for your blog. You can type in “premium wordpress blog” to get some good themes, or choose a free one that looks nice. Make sure you pick a theme with advertising space and a prominent “Subcribe to My RSS Feed” button at the top. Now it’s time to get some plug-ins. Basically plug-ins are little additions to your blog which increase functionality, use, and value. They are important. Do not skip this step.

Here’s a list of plug-ins I use in my own blogs, but instead of explaining what they do, I’m going to save you time and just list them. You can read their descriptions by searching for them at wordpress. Here’s the list: All in One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, Askimet, PHP-Exec, MaxBlogPress Favicon, WP-Cache, Auto Hyperlink URLS, Sociable, TweetMyBlog, Statpress SEOlution, GoCodes, What Would Seth Godin Do, and Popularity Contest. By the way, all these plug-ins are completely free. You can have a lot of fun finding great plug-ins for your blog.

The next step will be writing your content. How often should you promote products? Certainly not every post. I’ve found that about one post out of every 3 to 5 posts can promote a product, and people tend to respect that. It takes a lot of time to write articles, do research, and be a good resource, and your subscribers will happily listen when you promote products that they know will actually help them out. The process to sales is know, like, trust, buy, so remember to provide real content and value, and only promote good products. Contact the product owner and see if you can get a special leaked report or chapter of their ebook for instance. These little bonuses build your credibility and your readers will love you for it!

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it! You can read more and even get some great products to promote by visiting my website and blog at Just type in /blog to go to the blog, or head to the main page to get your free affiliate products to promote!

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