People might wonder why I made this blog.  Some might be thinking right now, “Man, what do blog tips and politics have to do with each other?”  Well I love politics and the best thing about it is that people don’t always agree.  Maybe that is an understatement.  People almost never agree when discussing politics!  So I thought to myself, why not help the millions of bloggers out there on the internet reach more people!

This blog is especially for those that are looking to get started into blogging.  I want people that are interested in politics to share their opinions and feelings about what they love and think.  The beauty of the internet is that time, location and taste are all expansive.  You can log on at 3:00am or 12 Noon and see what you want to see.  You can read websites and blogs from Hong Kong to St. Paul, MN.  That’s what makes political blogging great!

It can be hard to start blogging though, so I wanted to show some tips on how to get started and feel successful.  It is not useful enough just to have a blog.  You want to share it!

That’s what was created for… Sharing your political rants, raves, punditry, and thoughts with everyone!

I also believe in governmental responsibility and accountability.  The only way we can keep government transparent (no matter the party) is to watch them carefully and then share and discuss what we have found.  Again, Political Blogging serves as the watchdog for American politics.

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