The activity of blogging has enough potentiality to bring you recognition, work satisfaction and most importantly, substantial amount of income. All these factors are proved to be a great source of enticement for countless wannabe bloggers around the world. Though blogging portrays a rosy picture ahead, the path leading to that point is full of challenges and demands efforts of highest caliber from your side.

To the rescue of aspirant bloggers who seek to stamp their authority in this promising field, there are many winning or successful bloggers whom they can idolize and though not fully, but try to learn and put into practice some of their winning habits. Adhering to these habits will stand novices in good stead during the turbulent periods in the blogging sector.

Firstly, you need to communicate your ideas, opinions and views to a large reader base properly. Renowned bloggers handle this task effectively. Most of the times, you’ll find them sending hundreds of e-mails daily to let people know about their work and the result is there to see. Check their inbox and it is virtually flooded with responses. It is a habit that every blogger can do to perfection with the passage of time. Actually, necessity can bring the best in you.

Have you heard of social networking websites such as, Digg and StumbleUpon? If your response is no, then make a habit to visit those sites more often and befriend with many social media users. These esteemed users play a pivotal role in bringing a great deal of traffic for successful bloggers as they undertake a number of activities on their behalf ranging from submitting their posts to promoting them in different platforms. How many times do average or smalltime bloggers resort to these winning practices? Never, as they overlook the power of social media at their own peril.

Another winning habit of successful bloggers is that they are visionary and proactive and think one step ahead of others. After establishing themselves properly, they are soon on the lookout for other potential avenues to get their business diversify into. Sticking into one income source has its own pitfalls as you never know when that particular income stream gets cutoff due to some reasons or other. Having the cushion of multiple income sources can mitigate the severity of losses to a great extent and safely pull them out from troubled waters.

Winning bloggers spend most their valuable time in doing activities they are best at like developing new strategic ideas as well as post ideas and leave the remaining day-to-day tasks such as managing e-mails, moderating comments and other technical and administrative works to competent persons as a benefit of outsourcing. Focusing on core activities can bring success for your blogs as you’ll have fewer troubles to deal with.

Top bloggers sometimes relinquish control of blogging activities for a brief period of time in order to provide opportunity to other skilled writers who have some amazing blog ideas to arouse interest in their readers. During this period, they limit their roles to facilitator or moderator only by deciding upon what to publish and what to not.

Moving on, when you visit the blogs of popular bloggers, you’ll explore that equal attention is being provided not only to quality content, but also to the look and feel and design of blogs. Blogs with eye-catching layouts and designs can be a source of attraction for readers and greatly compliment their quality content. Initially, you can select one layout from mass number free blog themes on the Internet. But once your business grows, try to render a distinct and customized look to your blog that reflects your personality and blog ideas in an apt manner.

Last but not the least; successful bloggers know very well how to express their inability in responding to large number queries, requests and pitches. It is actually a necessity to say a polite ‘no’ as it is impossible to respond to all questions. Conveying your inability in a proper way hardly results in the loss of a reader.

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Biswajeet Shroff is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree holder from ICFAI University, Hyderabad, India. He is currently working as Senior Content Developer in an Indian SEO company. He also does freelancing during pastime and writes on wide array of topics ranging

from blogging, finance and fashion to dating and other human

relationship aspects.

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