There are lots of teenagers who want to be self independent and want to earn money online so that they can fulfill their wishes. The purpose of this report is to show you how you can earn a lot of money on autopilot. You don’t have to do anything which requires lot of work. The method I am going to show you below involves investing little amount of money as low as $15, This you would require for this work:

1) A Web Hosting Account

2) A Domain

If you already have both things listed above you don’t need to invest a single penny! You can get web hosting from hostgator for as low as $0.01 a month using coupon code: wordpress and a domain from namecheap for $8.81 using coupon: happy2009

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Taking Action

A’ight, Lets start now..

I have already told you that you would require a Web Hosting Account and a Domain to make this method work. Okay now once you have both things ready you need to upload wordpress to your hosting account, If you bought hosting with hostgator you can install wordpress with a click of a mouse :) by just going to cPanel -> Fantastico -> WordPress If your hosting provider doesn’t provide fantastico you can download wordpress from

Now once you have installed wordpress, Think of a niche and complete rest of the installation, Once you get everything ready its time to setup automation, In this method we will be grabbing posts from RSS, So find a good RSS source using a RSS Directory.

The Duplicate Content Myth

A lot of people here would raise a question that duplicate content is bad and results in a penalty from search engines, You might have seen on few forums people fighting over this issue, We’ll thats a myth and many webmasters have proven it.

You can get articles from article directory or directly from other’s blog directly.

I’ve myself tested this method before writing this report and I’d like to share results with you guys..

I bought a .com domain and chose health as my niche, I took from good RSS links from RSS directories. I decided to go with Adsense and after installing google ads on my blog it was ready, It was updating itself and around 5 articles were being added to the blog everyday.. First two days I got nothing then I started to get impressions and clicks on my google ads, and within a week I was able to make $17 from the blog. $17 in 7 days a’int that bad after all everything is on autopilot! :D

Okay, so coming back to our main topic again.. Once you have everything ready you just need to install a good and professional theme to your blog and couple of plugins

1) WP-O-Matic – This is the main plugin, it will help you grab posts from RSS links which you will provide and will post them on your blog! You will have to setup a cron-job in your cpanel for this plugin to work, but if you get stuck you can use Feed WordPress which will make it more easier.

2) GoCodes – GoCodes is a plugin to redirect common phrases to affiliate links (for example, on a weight loss blog, you could redirect how to lose weight to a product like Fat Loss 4 Idiots) So you can use this to link phrases to your affiliate links :)

3) Google XML Sitemap – You can use this plugin to make a sitemap of all urls on your blog then submit it to Google Webmaster Tools, so that google can keep a track of all urls in your blog and index them.

Lastly, Change your permlink to common structure /%postname%/ and finally update your .htacess file.

Next step is the ping list and the RSS feed directory submissions.

You can submit your own RSS feed of the blog to a List of 50 RSS Directory so that you can get more traffic and you can get indexed in search engines quickly.

Now, Go to WordPress Admin –> Settings –> Writting and copy this ping list there

This ping list will alert each website once you have a new post on your blog and will help you in getting indexed more quickly!

To get your blog indexed Super Fast : Submit your blog to Digg and then ping the digg entry using Pingoat or Pingomatic .. You will see result in 12-24 hours (Usually 2-3 hours)

Now you have your automated blog ready, The more blogs you make the more you will be able to earn!

Now get cracking and make your own automated blog!

More info please see here

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