If you’re a siteholder, a marketer, or a webmaster and need your site to be reviewed, that is, you need an objective opinion about your website, simply register at Reviewwave.com. Reviewwave.com is a brand new site, which helps such siteholders get an impartial criticism about their site. However, it is not just the siteholder who benefits from Reviewwave.com. Bloggers too benefit immensely. Reviewwave.com provides them ample opportunities to make money. All they need to do is review the websites. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

How does Reviewwave.com work?

Reviewwave.com is an excellent way for bloggers to increase their bank balance. Bloggers simply need to submit their sites to Reviewwave.com. Once the administrator of Reviewwave.com accepts the blog (s), the blogger is free to take up any website to review the same. And who is it that puts the various websites for reviewing? Siteholders, marketers or webmasters, also termed as “Advertisers,” create “Campaigns”, that is, they request for the review of their website. Advertisers also have the choice of selecting a blogger’s site. They may browse through the marketplace of bloggers. If the Advertisers like a particular site, they may request that blogger to review their site. The blogger may or may not take up the offer of reviewing the advertiser’s site. After the blogger gives his review on the website and after it is reviewed, he/she gets notified that the review is completed and published to his/her blog. The blogger is then paid handsomely by the Advertisers or the Administrators of Reviewwave.com. The mode of payment is via PayPal.

About Reviewwave.com

Reviewwave.com, which is an IQ Division Company, founded 2006, brings bloggers and advertisers together. The advertiser gets an unbiased review from the blogger about his/her website, while the blogger makes money by simply writing a review on the advertiser’s website. So, both profit immensely.

IQ Division Ltd. is a leading Interactive Media & Marketing company that operates from Denmark, Germany, UK, and India, covering international clients from all Europe.

IQ Division Ltd.

strandvejen 100,

DK-2900 Hellerup,


Jim Profit is Member and CEO of the RichOrBeautiful company dedicated to making it the fastest growing dating site.


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