The WordPress open source publishing platform, being free and easy to use, has become a popular choice for on-line publishing. WP Review Site is a comprehensively integrated, feature rich plug-in for WordPress that permits users’ to make review driven websites, affiliate marketing sites, or put star ratings to their site’s comment posts.

A review driven website presents consumers’ reviews on products and services.

WPReviewSite permits for the inclusion of star rated reviews to a site or blog, that permits website user’s to simply compare commented reviews.

To optimize search engine queries for review driven websites, WP Review Site has integrated the hReview microevolution to its included themes. Google has taken up the hReview microformat to display review websites with typical formatted review lists.

Affiliate marketing sites possess an old history of earning profits, with WPReviewSite’s complete integrated toolset, making an appealing affiliate marketing website could increase income.

WP Review Site can help you to market by allowing you to make a table to categorize ratings.

With the customizable display system of WP Review Site you can connect wholly to any website and also design new websites. Reviews can be showcased horizontally and vertically. WPReviewSite has star images that can be altered and sufficient CSS selectors for full control over how a complete review is shown.

There are additional advantages to purchasing a copy of WPReviewSite, exactly three advantages.

The Second Complete Black gradient WordPress theme happens to be the maiden bonus you enjoy. The high end theme can quickly be added as a widget.

The second bonus, WordPress affiliate link management, comes in two parts. Initially, WP Review Site permits visitor’s to state affiliate URL’s from each page or post on a website, which permits a uniform linking system to an affiliates website.

You can select keywords from a website to get automatically connected to an affiliate’s site.

WPReviewSite gives you free upgrades for the life of the program. This is another bonus of the program. On the release of a new version , an email alert regarding the release is sent to the user for the purchase of it.

WP Review Site allows for the incorporation of reviews on website or blogs, through its WordPress plug-in. In just time the purchase price is quickly recouped, during set-up, and affiliate per click payments.

WP Review Site is an amazing WordPress plugin that allow you to create affiliate review sites with ease. Visit us to read our full WP Review Site Review and see comments from actual customers.

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