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How To Become A Successful Progressive Blogger

This is Chris Bowers, from MyDD, on how to become a successful political blogger.


Use A Free Blogger Site For Your Affiliate Marketing

If you are new at affiliate marketing or any internet business for that matter, why not use a free Blogger site to build your web page until you start to make enough money to pay for hosting? When you are starting out and don’t have the money to invest in your business this is a feasible way to go.

The benefits of using a free site from Blogger.com are many. You can make an unlimited number of sites on almost any subject as long as the material is legal. The site are easy to set up with the site building tools to use and you can find lots tutorials to walk you through the process on their site and elsewhere on line.

You have a lot of choices for the templates from Blogger.com. If you want other choices, you can find many people on line that have developed other templates on their own that you can use for free. You will find some amazing choices. You can find codes to use in your HTML to help optimize your site for better search engine optimization.

Speaking of search engines, Blogger is owned by Google and you will find that you can get listed on Google fairly quickly. The same holds true for the other search engines, you can find yourself listed with them pretty quick. Every time you make a new post or update something on your blog, ping your site with one of the pinging services to announce that something changed.

Once you start making some money go ahead and get with a paid service that will allow you to build a more professional looking site. But, do not forget about Blogger, you can take advantage of these little sites to continue promoting your products.

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra income or are already doing affiliate marketing and are looking for the best guide book you can find go to Make Money Online for more information.

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Bloggers Payback Review

Reason #1 – Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die

Bloggers Payback Review gist of the Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Die phenomenon is used to describe how new internet marketers tend to jump before they leap.

This phenomenon is way too common and where these monkeys usually hover is around the Internet Marketing scene. I am not poking fun at new internet marketers here, in fact, I was once a hoverer as well but if a fair amount of time and thought was given into exploring possible niches, people could be succeeding online by bounds and leaps.

Now, when you jump into a niche you know absolutely nothing about, you’re only digging a virtual grave for yourself. This is especially common in the blogosphere. Spur-in-the-moment blogs are set-up and left alone after one post because the internet marketer has got no damn clue what to blog about.

#2 – You’ve Got Your Stakes Where The Moolah Isn’t In

That simply translates to you’re selling products that don’t sell. You jump into anything that offers a high commission without considering competition, payment Bloggers Payback Review model and accessibility of free information.


A product with a high competitive rate doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is extremely popular. It could possibly mean that the product has already been dominated by another very powerful affiliate marketer and entering the market selling this product is not going to pay off quite well.

Payment model

Affiliate products typically provide two income models – the One-Time Payment model and the Recurring Payment mode. You have to consider these two options carefully and place an objective judgment against the nature of the product. If the product is asking for a One-Time Payment of $197, ask yourself if this product is worth this price. Who is the target audience and do they have the spending power? If you’ve picked a Recurring Payment model, one good judge would be to approach the product creator for a complimentary version of the course or software, test it out and judge if buyers would find it worthwhile to continue paying a monthly fee after the first month. For the Recurring Payment model, the first charge is typically $1 for the first month and if the prospect who’s bought through you decides to cancel his or her Bloggers Payback Review subscription after the first month, you will get no commission from this prospect.


The last pitfall is the accessibility of free information on the internet. The internet is a ginormous encyclopedia, yellow pages, dictionary, 24/7 helpline whatever you want to call it and most of the information are free. Think about it, if you jump into the cooking niche and you decide to sell a regular cookbook without doing any prior research, chances are similar recipes in the cookbook might already be sprawled all over the internet and this wouldn’t be an incentive for anyone to purchase what you’re offering, right?

#3 – The Sin of Sloth

It is not as bad as the bible says it is, really. You simply lose out on traffic. Procrastination and laziness is inherent in every human. It is an intuitive behaviour when you get physically and emotionally tired so don’t blame yourself if you find that you are gradually getting tired of updating your blogs. But once you feel yourself falling into slothiness, you gotta pick yourself up before you start losing some ardent readers.

#4 – No Love From Search Engines

What is the point of having the most amazing blog content in the world when search engines simply refuse to send you quality traffic? Traffic is the most important ingredient in a successful online business and when something is this important, it becomes a make or break factor. This is probably a good time to Bloggers Payback Review start reviewing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

If you don’t know what search engines are, they are essentially robots that digest the English language differently from us humans. They have a huge list of pre-programed codes, very much like how we have a mix-match of various emotions that no other living thing can decipher. The only difference is, the pre-programed codes have been decoded and we humans have a way of translating what we want to tell the search engines through our websites. That is something highly impossible to achieve with human emotions. So understanding how search engines notice your sites isn’t that difficult at all.

#5 – Conversion sucks?

If you’re getting 500 visitors to your blog and zero sales, your conversion sucks. The harsh truth is, most blogs face a low conversion problem because 1) your traffic isn’t targeted enough 2) your blog design is full of endorsement ads and clutter 3) your salesletter’s just not making the cut.

I’m going to assume that you’re selling something on your blog and zoom in on point 3. A good salesletter doesn’t just tell the reader, “hey look, this is my product, go buy!” and it doesn’t simply tell the reader, “this product will increase your sales by 50%, now go buy”. The truth is, if you don’t know the fundamental ins and outs of copywriting, coming up with a salesletter that sells is going to be quite experimental.

What is a salesletter that converts? Well, basically, a good salesletter has to get into the buying psychology of people. It has to slowly lead your prospects into the buying mindset. Anyone who comes across a product online does not make a purchasing decision immediately. Instead, the prospect judges, doubts, questions, and eventually gets convinced by the power of persuasion. Once you master the skills of copywriting, getting your prospects from your headline till your P.S, and P.P.S will come as a breeze.

Are you painstakingly experimenting with tweaks and widgets and different post variations just to see which one converts best? If you are, you’ll probably not see fast results. When you use trial and error for anything at all, the recommended duration for experimental observation is at least a week for one project.
If your blog is not making you money because of one of the above pitfalls, it’s time you made some necessary changes to it. Lee Sporzello strongly recommends checking out Jason Gazaway’s free copy of Bloggers Payback>Blogging Pitfalls and Solutions, where the author explains each of these 5 pitfalls in greater detail and provide solutions to them. Signing for a free copy will also entitle you to a chance to win a free copy of Bloggers Payback Review.

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback Review

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback Scam

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback

I am working from home and helping people.

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How to Avoid Inevitable Frustrations When Using the Free Html Editor Kompozer

YOU know what’s really amazing? You see a website that’s pretty basic, but you know it’s making its owners bucket loads of money. Then you start thinking, ‘how can I do that too?’ Well you’re going to get some tips here that’ll show you how to use a free html editor such as Kompozer to head right in that direction, and save you from getting frustrated, so read on…

Before we do though, I’m sure you understand that using html editors can sometimes be slippery ride. You don’t always get the results you want. Sometimes your website turns into a forest of unexplainable and uncontrollable mush. And more often than not, this is not the fault of the html editor either.

So the first tip is simply to use the helpful Kompozer forums as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask incredibly basic questions. You’d be surprised how many other people are thinking the same thing and who would like to know the answer too! If you don’t understand why your html is not behaving like good html should, then all you need to do is ask. :)

To find the Kompozer forums just search for forums of that name. Honestly, I couldn’t have done without these forums to get me started. I’d ask a question, get a helpful reply, and then ask another question, get a reply, and so on… Until finally it clicked and I’d be one step closer to creating my perfect website again!

And here’s another tip you can take to the bank. Whenever you find a nice looking website that you like the look of, then ‘open the hood’ and look at the source code of that website. You’ll learn a LOT from doing this… Right at the start you might not be able to make sense of what you see. But as you progress you’ll start to see how the ‘engine’ works. It’ll become clearer as you go, believe me.

So, in a nutshell, to avoid the inevitable frustrations that come with playing around with free html editors, utilize the expert help at the Kompozer forums, learn from looking at how other websites do it, and make sure you keep well rested. Good luck. :)

Martin Hurley helps Kompozer newbies become instant experts at http://kompozervideosclub.com Visit now to start building great looking websites using a brand new range of Kompozer how to videos and get a 5 lesson quick start coaching session thrown in!

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Bloggers Payback Review – Bloggers Payback Scam

Are you tired of working your tail off to make money from your Bloggers Payback Review and having little or nothing to show for it? I feel your pain.

I used to bust my tail to create great blogs, then wait in vain for the traffic and money to roll in. That’s not a problem for me anymore. My blogs are getting more traffic than ever, and earning more money than ever before too.

Want to know my secret?

My secret is that I’ve been getting advice from the best bloggers out there. And I know a way that you can get that kind of great advice too.

Jason Gazaway is a superstar blogger. What’s that mean? Well, between December of 2008 and June of 2009, he earned over $200,000 from his blogs. That’s superstar performance for sure.

Now Jason is sharing his blogging secrets with the rest of us. He’s written a guide called Bloggers Payback Review to help the rest of us make big money blogging too.

Jason sent me a pre-release copy of Bloggers Payback, and I’ve been studying it and applying what I learned to my own blogs. It’s great stuff.

Following Jason’s advice has really boosted the performance of every blog I’ve tried it on. His suggestions on Plugins alone have pumped up my traffic. And that’s just a tiny fraction of the info in the guide.

Warning: Don’t take Jason’s advice lightly. There are lots of ways to mess up when you’re blogging to earn money. The best way to get the kinds of results he gets is to follow his advice exactly. So don’t be lazy or careless.
Wondering whether Bloggers Payback Review advice can really help you? Read his free report on the 5 biggest blogging pitfalls and how you can overcome them.

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback Review

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback Scam

Read a full insiders review here Bloggers Payback

I am working from home and helping people.

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Programming a REAL Internet Site with ASP and HTML: Book I: HTML and Basic ASP

Programming a REAL Internet Site with ASP and HTML: Book I: HTML and Basic ASP (Bk. 1)

Product Description

I’ve seen many programming books in my life. All of them have something in common: They just explain theory and show examples made up by the author. Some of them are inspired and their examples are smart. Some others look completely beyond reality.

I wanted to make a different book, so I started to think in alternative ways to explain the subject. I am a university professor, so I asked some of my students questions like:

—Imagine a cool programming book. What are you expecting to learn in an utopist work like that?

Most of them wanted to read something Understandable. So, the first premise of this book was:


The second point they marked is that they wanted to learn things based on real facts. So, the second premise for the book was:


That’s how the main idea of this book came to light.

From the Author

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie (William Shakespeare)

I think that this quote from the bard is valid when we speak about Internet and its sites: Many of the problems the programmers face can’t be solved using just the standard knowledge. The solution must be obtained using their creativity and internal strength.

We must have this thing in clear: In order to be a good programmer you need to get people who could be able to find the answers in themselves.

Finally, let me tell you that while I was doing the book, I have enjoyed myself and I have also learnt a lot about the subject. I expect that at least a part of that fun and knowledge could be transmitted to the readers.

Buy Programming a REAL Internet Site with ASP and HTML: Book I: HTML and Basic ASP at Amazon

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blogger layout myspace blog layout blog template blog skin

By Linda Roeder, About.com Guide to Personal Web Pages since 1998

* My Bio

* My Blog

* My Forum

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* iGoogle

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Get Rid of Myspace Profile Editor Code

Tuesday September 22, 2009

blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

For some reason MySpace did away with the clear all button on their MySpace Profile Editor. Hopefully this is only temporary and it will soon be back up and running soon for all of you who want to revert back to your previous MySpace profile.

In the meantime, here’s a fix for the MySpace Profile Editor. If you find yourself wanting to revert back to your old MySpace profile, this is what you can do…(Get Your Fix)

Read more about this at comment #43 in the post about How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

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o How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

o Edit MySpace Profile With This Editor

o Add MySpace Backgrounds

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How To Tag Friends in Facebook Posts

Sunday September 20, 2009

Now you can tag people in your Facebook posts. Before you could tag people in photos, now you can do it in your posts too. I love this feature because when I talk about my son, I can link to his profile and people know exactly who I’m talking about. They can click through to his profile and read about him and see who he is.

The one think I don’t like about this feature is that it only puts in the person’s full name. I like referring to my son as Nick. The tool puts his name in as Nick Roeder. So instead of me saying, “Nick won his bike race today.” It will read, “Nick Roeder won his bike race today.” Which sounds pretty weird since I’m talking about my own son, don’t you think?

…(Try It Out!)

o How to Use Facebook’s Homepage

o Make Friends on Facebook

o Cotton Candy Friends vs Real Friends

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How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

Saturday September 19, 2009

MySpace Lisa Simpson Skin

Image on MySpace.com

Here’s your chance to learn how to use the MySpace profile Editor. Now updating your MySpace profile will be easier than ever. With the MySpace profile editor you’ll be able to change the background on your MySpace profile, change the layout and style of your MySpace profile, change the way the text on your MySpace profile looks and more.

o Toys for Your MySpace Profile

o MySpace Hacks

o Templates for MySpace

Tell us what you think of the MySpace profile editor. I personally think it’s about time. People have been changing their MySpace profiles using templates, backgrounds and other things ever since MySpace started. Now even the beginner can design a personalized MySpace profile.

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7 Things To Do With Photos On MySpace

Thursday September 17, 2009

I gathered together all the MySpace photo articles I’ve written and put them all together in one place. Now whenever you want to add photos to MySpace, anywhere on MySpace, you can just come here and find out how. Photos are an integral part of any website, and for a social networking site it’s even more important.

Learn about how you can add photos right on to your MySpace profile, into the MySpace photo album or in your comments. Even find out how you can create several different photo albums on MySpace and then turn your photo album into a slideshow…(More Info)

o Getting Started With MySpace

o MySpace IM

o How to Add MySpace Songs To Your MySpace Profile

Is anything missing? Are there other ways to add photos on MySpace?

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Does Your Company Social Network?

Wednesday September 16, 2009

I have to say, I’m really surprised at how many big companies are still not using the power of social networking. I started a new “day job” at a rather large company (that shall remain unnamed)and was more than a little surprised to see how behind the times they are.

They do have a LinkedIn site, but it’s only for employees to join. There’s no networking going on at all, none that I can see anyway. They have a Facebook, but they only post to it about three times a year.

They don’t use either of these valuable resources to re

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