Less than a month has gone by since Barack Obama was inaugurated President of the United States.  Things have been challenging and people have become unhappy and some disappointed.  For many reasons, people are now questioning the promises of President Barack Obama.  And I think it is a good thing.

Whether you are an Obama supporter or not, accountability and transparency are vital to protecting our democratic republic.  America is founded upon a system of checks and balances which include the people or citizens.  This is outlined in early writings by many founders like James Madison in The Federalist 51.  Here Madison argues that because men are not angels… and women either, a system of checks and balances must be set up to protect our freedoms and liberties.  The most important check or control though, is the people.

The St. Petersburg Times most recent venture is to allow citizens and foreigners the opportunity to do their duty of controlling the government.  The Times is providing a way to check up on President Obama through their new tool, the Obameter.   It is the job of the Obameter to track the Obama’s 500 Promises to the American people.  Obama’s promises will be recorded with either a promise broken, compromised, kept or in the works status.

The “Obama 500 Promises” will also show the promise and link to articles about how the promise was kept, or not kept!  Now right now Republicans and Obama-haters are chomping at the bit to catch Obama publicly messing up or breaking promises.  The Obama supporters can use the Obameter too.  For supporters they can actually prove every good thing that Obama does that he promised he would do.  It is a nice way to keep Obama and his administration both transparent and honest.  We will see how this administration fairs with such a tight watch on our nations President.  The Obameter might become the savior of the Republicans or proof for the Democrats.  We will see…

Obameter Promise KeptObameter Promise Broken

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