A basic html code is creating an email link in your text.  Like perhaps you are writing an article and want readers to tell you something personal.  An email link could then be your best option.

Making a live email link is a lot like creating a  hyperlink. But instead of http:// you replace it with mailto:.

And instead of the URL you have your email address.  So it is pretty simple.

<a href=”mailto:username@domainname.com”>name@domain.com</a>

Again, you can replace the bit that’s not in the HTML tags with whatever you want:
<a href=”mailto:username@domainname.com”>Email Me Now</a>

A word of caution: By allowing your email address to be displayed online you are leaving yourself open to being spammed wholesale.

Spammers, scammers, phishers and other internet frauds harvest email addresses automatically from websites through bots or robotic software scanners.

If you want to let visitors email you, which is suggested so for advertising, contests, programs, and personal information, then the method you should use is to put your email address in text but replace the @ with AT and the . with DOT. Then just make a little note for your blog readers.

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