Basic Html

This for many people is the most used bits of HTML code.  Granted that now most blogging platforms offer great html hyperlink creators, like the button below…

hyperlink icon

It is still good to know because of the code that you will definitely work with in designing and formatting your blog.
Heres what it will look like…

Copy (CTRL +C) and Paste (CTRL + V
<a href=””></a>

where you want your link.  Then, put your domain url (address) where their url is ( and then replace whatever you want to call the link with the words in black ( and it will become

You can write anything where it says such as click here or read more

And if you leave out the http:// in the “a href” you’ll be inadvertently telling the browser when the link gets clicked to go to a page on the root directory of whichever website you’re adding the html hyperlink to.

To make a clicked link pop open in a new browser window you add the following code: target=”_blank”

It would look like this…

<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

Now you know how to do the most used html on the internet, the hyperlink!

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