Now before anyone gets any ideas or misconceptions….

The Liberal Tradition in America is a must read for anyone interested in Politics.   Based upon the conception that Americans are “born equal, instead of becoming so,” (Tocqueville) this concept comes from our liberal traditions.  Now I don’t mean conservative or liberal from an ideological and often party stand point.  The truth is almost all American political scientist believe America is a liberal government.

Let me tell you why… We are based upon the power of the individual, the freedom from government interference (whether moral or economic) and focus all our time and talents upon the betterment of ourselves and not our community.  This is in contrast to Civic Republicanism which is the building of the community first, Fascism, Communism, and other ideologies.  America truly is a “liberal” nation based upon the rights and liberties of the individual. This is something both Conservative and Liberal Americans can agree on.  Although they may disagree on how…

So why is there a conservative and liberal bias if we are all “liberal”.  Well the best way to look at it is that there are more conservative liberals and liberal liberals.  Remember, this is all in comparison to other forms of government.

Also, understand that the confusion you might feel now is largely from the mixing up of ideals by party elites.  Today, liberals are not all that liberal on every issue and conservatives are not all that conservative.  For example, Liberals want the government to leave moral issues in the hands of individuals but not economic policies.  While Conservatives today want no government interference in the economy with lots of moral control.  Seems odd doesn’t it that neither group really fit their intended ideals.  Either way, Americans are still “LIBERALS”.  Read Louis Hartz book to find out how….

Preview: The Liberal Tradition in America


The Liberal Tradition in America

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