Leaving comments on blogs is a vital way to begin to build traffic to your blog or website.  You do this by reading the article (otherwise you are lame) and then leaving relevant comments.  In the comments section, like in mine below… You can leave your name and often a url (web address of your blog) and your comments.  Your name will then appear next to your comments and will link to your blog.

First I have to explain that not only will this build traffic to your blog, but you will find it highly enjoyable. It should not be work and if it is you are doing it wrong! If you do not like it, chances are you are spamming.

The key is that the comments should be meeting these requirements:

  1. Leave all comments on a relevant blog.  This means on a blog that actually has something to do with what your blog is about.  Otherwise the links, although perhaps initial traffic boosts will not help your SEO or search engine optimization.
  2. Leave only relevant comments.  Again, read the article and post about the article or insights you have that might further the discussion.  Don’t leave “Great” or “Nice” or “Thanks”.  If you are complimenting them and really enjoyed it, you can afford to write a sentence or phrase at least.
  3. Leave only relevant links.  Often bloggers leave their urls in the comments section.  First off, if its all you leave it will be marked as spam!  Second, it will only be seen as self promotion and irrelevant.  So only leave a url if it is valuable to the discussion.  For example, if a blog topic is about the economic stimulus package and you worte an article that keeps the discussion going, then it is appropriate to leave your url.  But if not, you shouldn’t because you already get promotion through the name and url at the top of the comments.

The best part about leaving comments is belonging to a community. Often you become involved, write better articles yourself, gain new insights and associate with other great bloggers.  Leaving comments is a plus and will be more affective as you become more engaged in the community.  Then people will want to check your stuff out.

One last tip… Your real name is always best, not your full name if you don’t want, but at least your first name.  If you don’t leave that then its harder to trust an “anonymous” or “slydog777″.  But that can be personal preference I guess as well.

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