If you learn HTML you can not only design an entire website, but also pimp up your blog and MySpace to be the hottest pages on the net. For a quick answer, let’s have a quick peek into the world of advertising. Advertisers can use press adverts and radio adverts, and many of them use both of these. Each is effective in its own way, one being visual and the other using the voice to get the message across. If such low-cost methods of advertising are effective, then why do many of the advertisers that use them also pay for expensive television slots? Simple! TV adverts involve both sight and hearing, and these two senses together combine to form an extremely powerful means of advertising and teaching: more poweful than either apart – online HTML courses use only one of these. The same is true of teaching. Whether you teach HTML or children to write, you will find that your pupils will learn much faster and retain what they learn much longer, if you show them and speak to them, than if you simply handed out a book telling them how to read or how to use HTML (did you spot the incongruity there?). Basically, you will learn HTML a lot faster using a video course than a written one. Although HTML for MySpace might seem a fairly limited application, it nevertheless requires knowledge of formatting text, tables, graphics, hyperlinks and so on; eve of many effects such as text scrolling, or marqueeing. No less knowledge of HTML is required than that needed to design a website. You might wonder why learning HTML is necessary, given that you could use a WYSIWYG HTML editor, but these are limited in use and no good for some of the more advanced effects and formatting. It won’t format any of the hidden HTML outside the ‘Body’ text, such as the SEO activity carried out in the ‘HEAD’ section that is seen, not by humans, but only by search engine spiders. SEO applies just as much to your MySpace page as it does a regular website, and the same is also true of your blog. If you want to format the coding behind your blog, it is possible to do so, but you must first learn HTML and use what yiu have learned in the HTML of your blog. Each component of oiur blog: the sidebars, graphiucs and so on, can be chabged to suit your wishes, and your blog will become unique to you. You will have the access to your blogs HTML that you need if your blog is being run from your own website or web space. An HTML video course will enable you to start using basic HTML very quickly, and you will then go on to study CSS formatting and other techniques, including some amazing special effects that can help you produce amazing pages. If you want to use HTML on your website or MySpace page, it is evident that a video HTML course is the way to go, being much quicker and easier than a written course. Science has proved the fact.

Learn HTML and design your website, blog and MySpace page exactly as you want it. Check out Learn HTML where you will find a video HTML course to meet your needs, or New Business Schools HTML Video Course for more information on HTML Courses and online business in general.

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