It is not bad if your blog will earn some money for you. But you will ask there are already so many sites and blogs are existing on the Internet who provides tips and tricks for blogging. Here i have tried to provide you all the content for blogging as well as how to earn through blogging. which is main objective of my blog. I want to share my knowledge which i have gain through searching all websites.

Creating a Blog is not a rocket science but if your creating a Blog for public users it is not easy to bring traffic to your blog. Until and unless you will not find new readers for blog. So most important thing for a blogger is to increase traffic for blog. In this Blog i will also provide some tips for increasing traffic for blog.

Some sites which provide online money making through AD and referral program are.

1. ADSENSE : ADSENSE by google is one of the best AD program for website and blog. It is also easy to sign up and they only show simple AD on website.

2.Bidvertiser: second in AD program. The best thing about them is that minimum payout is 10$, where as in adsense it is 100$. Means you don’t have wait for your first check payment.

3. AzoogleAds: they are the one of the biggest Affiliate ad program. there payment is based on performance based.

4. Auction Ads : This affiliate program by ebay. Auction will be displayed on the website. payment is based on revenue share for each promoter.

As given above there many type of Ad and referral program in internet but given ones are best in the market and they all SPAM free.

Articles for Blog: – one of the most important for blog is that it should have good article and should provide good information to readers. Before creating a Blog it should be decided what will be the theme of blog, which topic should be covered in the blog. It could be about anyone life, writing diary and it could be about Hobbies and any information. Just the same way I have dedicated my blog to tips for new bloggers. Either a person can write article himself or can be get for anywhere else on internet. Many sites are available which provide free articles. The best thing is that if you have enough time it is better to write on our own. Its also improves writing skills. Good Articles can help to increase the rank of blog in search engines. If a Blog is in Top 10 sites then there are chances that Blog traffic will be high and so about earnings. So emphasize on good article is important in Blogging. Mostly look for information on internet, so it is better to provide latest information and new technologies. I found that many blogger are famous about there daily life, people like to read about what happening in there life. But it should be that much interesting that user stuck to it and come back to that blog.

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