HTML to Add Video to Website Encoder is your entry ticket to the world of Webvideos marketing. If you look for an easy way to convert your movie(s) to web format, then this technology is definitely an option you should consider. Adding a movie to a Webpage doesn’t have to be a tedious task – read more in the following article.

Some basics

HTML to Add Video to Website Encoder compresses your original videos into a special file format (.FLV) which enables them to be displayed on your Web. The Webvideo(s) are almost ready to roll – by quickly adding a short html code to your page and sending the files to the Webserver the entire process is completed. You have just created streaming webvideos – they are available in real time with no download waiting time.

Quick advantages

By now we clearly notice how this solution brings several important benefits:

  • Compressing raw movies to 10% or less of their original file size!
  • Enables you to select your favorite player skin.
  • It attracts your visitors to stay more on your Website(s).
  • Videos engage with peoples’ emotions and people purchase based on their emotions.
  • Upload movies to an existing Web page instead of making a new page.

If we search a little more, we could easily find other great benefits provided by this technology, simply because it isn’t just about file conversions – it is about providing you with a powerful marketing tool that can truly take your on-line business to the next lev


HTML to Add Video to Website Encoder is undoubtedly vital to any online business owner – those who haven’t started using Webvideos yet, are simply throwing away extra potential profits. The first step you need to take is to evaluate this unique solution as in most cases implementation requires no more than several minutes.

Watch a quick demo – learn how an advanced HTML to Add Video to Website Encoder quickly enables you to generate more traffic and increase your sales.


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