Today i want to share, how to migrate our wordpress blog into another host. I do not know why you will you do this, maybe you choose bad host services (oftenly down) or you have short off your space or bandwith. No more way to fix it except move your web into another host. What ever is your problem is, i will show you how to move your wordpress blog into new host. In this case, i want to transfer my Precast Concrete Technology web into new host.

There are two major way you can get through this,
FIRST you can export via xml files,
and the SECOND were via Database.

In this tutorial, i will concern with Database way, because it much easier for me.
To migrate our wordpress blog with database implant all you need is Backup your database first. Then deploy it into new location. But do not forget to backup the files also!

Step-by-Step to move our wordpress via database :

Login into your OLD directory of blogs, and download your wp-config.php file

Open those wp-config.php file, and find your database name. It will displayed below this sentences /** MySQL database username */. It will looks like define(’DB_USER’, ‘***_wrdp**’); . The “**” sign will be differ every blogs.

Next step is Login into your OLD CPANEL site, and choose PhpMyAdmin to backup your database. Select the proper database name (info from wp-config.php), then click export button on the top sidebar. Click the “save as file” option, then fill database name. Next, click GO button. And save it into your hardisk.

The next step is backup your files inside your directory, just come inside wp-content folder, then backup Plugins, theme, and Upload Folder. You can compress this folder first, than download it (to make the file smaller and easy to download). Use this backup process via File Manager Inside your Cpanel.

After all of “backing up stuffs” done, you should change your Domain DNS (Name Server) with new DNS of your new host. maybe this will make you wait until it resolved. It times depend on your host, it could be 3 hours until 24 hours.

After your Domain were redirected into new Host correctly, all you have to do is Login into your CPanel and Create new WordPress (install). You can Use Fantastico, or you can install manual. It’s all up to you, just remember that YOU MUST remember what Database Name for the new WordPress installation. In this parts i will not teach you how to Install WordPress, because when you read this, you must ever install wordpress, even it only once. LOL

After you succeed installing new wordpress, just open MyPhpAdmin and select database name for the new wordpress that you’ve been installed before. Make sure that you have select the correct database name!. Then click “Check All” option and select “Drop” Menu. Then click Go button. You will have last confirmation about dropping this table, just click YES. Then all the result is all table were deleted successfully.

Next Step is importing your old database into this database. To do that step, just click Import button on the top sidebar, and choose your saved database by click “Browse”. Then click Go. Just wait the magic comes out (i mean importing succeed).

Last Step to do, were uploading your file backup (plugins, themes, and upload folder). You can using FTP software or using File Manager through CPanel. If you follow my instruction before, you should upload your ZIP backup into “wp-content” folder, than extract it.

All step has DONE. Your site will works fine, but first time you login into your wordpress, maybe there will be one message shown from wordpress to confirm Database Upgrade. Don’t worry, it’s natural!. Just click the Upgrade button. And all your efforts will be finish.

Some time, you should need to re check your permalinks, maybe it changed (it should be not change), but please check it for make sure.
You can get more wordpress theme tutorial in my site.



WordPress Theme Tutorial

      I’m still young in this blogging life, but i want to share all of my knowledge to all of you.
      You can read my wordpress theme tutorial for use some theme, modify, and other tips about it.
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