I was having a bit of trouble setting up my rss feed a while back for another blog and kept trying to figure out how to get the email subscriptions to work! I was getting so frustrated I could not get everything set up the way I wanted to. Then I came across the “email subscription” option of Feedburner. It is great… and here’s how to set it up for yourself.

In order to expand your reach to more subscribers enable the option for email subscriptions on Feedburner. First you must be signed up for Feedburner, if not sign up now “Go burn your feed right now“! Feedburner is a program now owned by Google to compile your blog into RSS feeds and email subscriptions.

For example: you love coming on to political blog tips and want to find out when they have new posts so you can be the first one to come check them out. By getting either the email subscription or rss feed (both are in the top right) you would be the first to know of new posts!

RSS and Email subscriptions are a great way to build a community around your blog and increase your visits. Now to the directions for setting up email subscriptions, which are not automatically active.

1. Log in to Feedburner, Click on your feed name, click “Publicize”.

2. Then on the left sidebar column click “email subscriptions” and the activate button at the bottom. That is it, you are done.

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