It takes only a few minutes and is easy to setup your own weblog
using the Blogger weblog system. By completing only three simple
steps, creating an account, naming your blog and choosing a
template, you too can join the thousands of people now blogging
on the web. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help to get
you started using Blogger

1.Go to and click on the arrow that says “Create
Your Blog Now.” You’ll be asked to create a username and choose
a password that you’ll use to access your Blogger account;
choose a display name that will be used to sign your posts
(e.g., moody mom, bloggerx, etc.) and provide an email address.
You’ll also be asked to check a box indicating that you accept
Blogger’s Terms of Service . Then click on “Continue” to go the
next screen. 2.On the next screen to name your blog (e.g., The
Blog Report, Myrah’s Insanity Report, etc.) You can choose any
name you wish. After you choose your blog title, you need to
choose your URL address. This is the web address that people can
click to access your blog. Again, as long as it’s not taken, you
can choose any address you want. Remember, the shorter and
easier to spell the better it will be for people to remember.
Also remember, that many thousands of people use Blogger to host
their weblog and it may take you a while to find a web address
that hasn’t already been taken. Finally, for security purposes,
you’ll need to provide word verification by typing in the box
the word that is displayed above the box on the screen. Then,
click “Continue” to move to next screen. 3.On the next screen,
you’ll need to choose a template for your blog. This is the
design of your blog, what your blog will look like to visitors.
Blogger provides 12 different templates to choose from. Pick
your favorite. You can change the look of your blog at a later
time by choosing a different Blogger template or using of the
hundreds of free templates that are available across the
Internet. After you choose your template, click “Continue.”
Blogger will begin creating your blog. 4.Once it’s created,
click on “Start Posting” and write your first post for the world
to see. Click on “Publish Post” and Blogger will tell you it is
publishing your post. Then click on the “View Blog” tab and
you’ll find that you’re officially a member of the blogging

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