Recently I wrote an article about Community being the most important part to your blog. “Community is King

Yes, again I will say it… Content is essential…. but only too build a community.  The community is what satisfies your goals of traffic, money, soap box, etc.  So in a soon to-be series about “How to Build a Blog Community” I present the first section.

How to Build a Blog Community: Comments

Understanding the power of comments is what sets bloggers apart.  Especially in Political blogs.  Think about reading a political article that you either ardently agree/disagree with.  What do you want to do… Comment.  Bloggers want to leave their opinions, ideas and rants about what the blogger said.  So how do you do this and what does it have to do with “Comments”?

To increase comments first focus on content.  Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your blogging situation.

  • Does your content invite discussion?
  • Does your topic allow for differing opinions?
  • Do your posts ask the readers to participate in your blog by leaving their thoughts?
  • Do you answer or respond to people that leave comments?

These questions are important because the topic, post content and call to action require these things to bring comments.  In my opinion any topic can be debatable or questioned so you first need to make your posts sound that way.  Post with your opinion and you will find that people like your posts better and comment more.  Also, do what suggests and turn your posts around…  This means design the meat of your post to be in the comments.  You can do this by asking questions.  Then you must respond and interact with posters, otherwise the comments mean nothing.  Bloggers want to be engaged in what you think, that is why they go to your blog!

Example:  Have you ever used the comments section to have the readers provide content?

The reasoning for comments are that “Comments= Community”.  Your interaction, the other bloggers they meet/debate will help them to establish a liking for your blog and often provide links to your posts or their comments.  This will only increase your traffic and then your community.  So remember, you leaving comments isn’t the only way to increase traffic, but encouraging your readers to will as well…

Does this really work? What’s your take on it?

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