Blogging is a powerful tool for increasing traffic to your website and boosting your online profits.

Some bloggers are very successfull, and some bloggers are not. We will discussed in this article the 4 main reason why many bloggers fail to make money blogging.

1.Some bloggers don’t blog on a regular basis, and their blogs do not have fresh and unique content. Blogs can be powerful in driving traffic to a website if they have high quality and unique content which makes search engines visit them and index the content. After the blog is indexed by search engines, people looking for information on search engines that relate to your blog’s keywords will be directed to your website, and you therefore get high volumes of traffic.

Summary #1 = Not blogging on a regular basis.
Solution#1 = Constant blogging will keep your blog fresh and will drive more traffic to your blog.

2.Lack of useful and captivating information on the website. It is important for your blog to have information which your visitors will enjoy and find useful. If you have high quality information on your blog, you will get many visitors and some people will also bookmark your blog and visit on a regular basis. This increases the traffic to your blog and website, and results in more sales. It is also important for you to make your blog unique and attractive by adding interesting images and any other information that will be of interest to your blog’s visitors.

Summary#2 = Lack of useful information
Solution#2 = Post information that people are looking for.

3.Lack of keywords in your blog categories and blog content. This is the most powerful way to increase traffic to your website. You must know and use all the keywords that relate to your niche when posting on your blog. If you have some headings for categories on your blog, make sure that you use your keywords on the headings of these categories as this increases the visibility of your blog on search engines.

Summary#3 = Not adding Keywords
Solution#3= This is a freebie, add relevant keywords to your postings.


4.Some bloggers do not increase the earning potential of their blogs. If you want to earn money with your blog, you must sell your own products and services on the blog. You can also identify affiliate programs that match your niche and sell these affiliate products. All you need to do is to add your affiliate links on your blog. You can review these affiliate products and include the keywords in your blog content. You can also increase the money you earn from your blog by adding some Google Adsense adverts on your website. When someone clicks of the Google Adsense adverts from your website, you earn some money.

Summary#4 = Not having your own products or advertisement.
Solution#4 = Sign up to Google Adsense or Clickbank. Google adsense provides you with advertisement which you can earn money when people click on the sponsored links. Clickbank you can actually browse through there marketplace and select a product that is relevant to your blog. They will give you a commission when the product is sold.

If you want to increase your online profits from your blogs, avoid the four mistakes presented above.

F.Yanga specializes in online marketing and web based development. Being in the industry for over 5 years F.Yanga has developed several successful web based projects. F.yanga has been researching and reporting on Internet Marketing for years. Educating people on how to use the internet to make an income has been one of his projects.

F.Yanga also has a daily blog that gives people all the tools, tips and tricks to become a successful internet marketer.

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