YOU know what’s really amazing? You see a website that’s pretty basic, but you know it’s making its owners bucket loads of money. Then you start thinking, ‘how can I do that too?’ Well you’re going to get some tips here that’ll show you how to use a free html editor such as Kompozer to head right in that direction, and save you from getting frustrated, so read on…

Before we do though, I’m sure you understand that using html editors can sometimes be slippery ride. You don’t always get the results you want. Sometimes your website turns into a forest of unexplainable and uncontrollable mush. And more often than not, this is not the fault of the html editor either.

So the first tip is simply to use the helpful Kompozer forums as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask incredibly basic questions. You’d be surprised how many other people are thinking the same thing and who would like to know the answer too! If you don’t understand why your html is not behaving like good html should, then all you need to do is ask. :)

To find the Kompozer forums just search for forums of that name. Honestly, I couldn’t have done without these forums to get me started. I’d ask a question, get a helpful reply, and then ask another question, get a reply, and so on… Until finally it clicked and I’d be one step closer to creating my perfect website again!

And here’s another tip you can take to the bank. Whenever you find a nice looking website that you like the look of, then ‘open the hood’ and look at the source code of that website. You’ll learn a LOT from doing this… Right at the start you might not be able to make sense of what you see. But as you progress you’ll start to see how the ‘engine’ works. It’ll become clearer as you go, believe me.

So, in a nutshell, to avoid the inevitable frustrations that come with playing around with free html editors, utilize the expert help at the Kompozer forums, learn from looking at how other websites do it, and make sure you keep well rested. Good luck. :)

Martin Hurley helps Kompozer newbies become instant experts at Visit now to start building great looking websites using a brand new range of Kompozer how to videos and get a 5 lesson quick start coaching session thrown in!

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