Help iwth New Users Registering on My Blog ,blogger script error ,The photo button in my dashboard has gone dead. in the middle of writing a blog entry, my ‘upload photo’ button has gone totally dead – I click on it and nothing happens, no window pops up, so I’m unable to choose and upload a pic. Only a minute before, I had uploaded 3 photos! Strangely, the other buttons are working (windows pop up), just not the photo button. Any help would be appreciated!i’ve a distorted blogger start up page , namely at the Posting Settings Layout Monetize View BlogNew Post Edit Posts Comment Moderationlinks I’m getting e-mails from new users on my blog.The e-mail body states: “New user registration on your BLOG Trade with” followed by a User Name and then followed by an gmail email address for that person.

My blog is not set up to require registration. The e-mail is being sent from .Successfully linked my mobile device to my blog last night, and sent a post via MMS with no issues.  Tonight, MMS posts are not getting through.  (There’s no confirmation sent back to phone, and the posts do not appear in my drafts list.)just logged in to my Blogger account, and the blogs that I’ve been following, that I searched out and added to my list, have all disappeared. What happened and how can I get them back?You can still see them on my profile, but not until I went to a blog I used to follow and signed into it, then they all appeared on my profile again. But not a darn one of them are showing up on my dashboard so that I can click and read the new posts. Why?

have ensured that when I try to insert some text into the description that it is within the 500 character limit, but it still gives me the bX-iqb1lt error.Please help!A few days ago I did custom domain for my blogspot. But after two days ago I can’t access my new custom domain, please help me.I have set DNS from my cpanel domain, but something happen suddenly. Please, help me for blogger support team got the links gadget on my blog but it won’t allow me to add any more links to it.  I can’t add a new links gadget because that won’t allow me to add links either.  I cannot click on the ‘add links’ button.  Please help! blog [ is displaying a Search box & text in its header area. This box is an overhang from a 3rd party Template I used previously (from BTemplates) but I now just use a standard Blogger template. It’s as though the previous template has left this behind. But I have scoured the HTML and there is no mention of it anywhere. If it’s not in the HTML where the hell can this thing be? It’s driving me crazy.

Can somebody please help? When you look for the code, are you checking the Expand Widget Templates box at the top right of the template editor?

It’s not a widget, so it may become visible. Of course, it could also be Header widget data, and remain hidden.  Here’s the complete code that produces the search box:Before making a change:Template modifications require a Full Template Download first.Dashboard > Layout > Edit Html > Download Full Template and you will have a backup on your computer.Changes are made right on that page, in the template editor.

Another option would be to revert your template widgets.

After backing up the template, on the Layout > Edit Html page the Revert widget templates to default is to the left of the Clear Edits button.

Click that after making sure you are on the right link. The other revert link will do very bad things.Since all of your widgets appear to be normal ones, that should work with no change to the blog, except for the search box. But, if you get a delete warning, look the list over carefully.

If anything undesirable happens, immediately use the Upload a template from a file on your hard drive: line on that page to browse for and upload the saved template.After posting, my post doesn’t appear on my blog. Yesterday the scheduled one didn’t appear until many hours after it was supposed to. Could my blog have a virus?

Can someone help me with this? Is there a place to talk to blogger? I can’t seem to contact them. My posts are on my blog somewhere because they update on otehr people’s blogs who are linked to mine but they are not on my blog page. I have deleted all browsing history and cookies and restarted the computer but nothing is working tried opening with Firefox and it is still the same. It’s like the blog is stuck on a post from two days ago. There are two other posts after that that do no appear on the blog but you can get them from other people’s pages and they have appeared on my Facebook page since I have my blog linked to my Facebook

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author is renowned Internet Marketing Experts
is provided free in internet

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