Technology has evolved since the beginning of its rampant application by the people. Technology is really that important especially in the field of computer application. As of now the keyword Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 this competition is open to all Capiznon. This project of the SEO will surely enhance the ability of the Capiznon people especially in the field of blogging.

This competition will motivate the students of various colleges here in the province to participate in the said competition not only due to the prize but also as an experience and a way of getting more knowledge and skills. Due to importance of blogging this competition will surely produce quality blogs that could compete in the international blogs. The expected effect of this competition is the maximization of knowledge in blogging and to be creative. Blogging is important not only as a way of expressing one’s self but it will help also the marketing and business sector and this could become a means of living and the government in return will surely benefit on this. Making the people educated and experience is one way of fulfilling these goals.

It’s a good opportunity for the people of the Capiz to participate in this competition for it will surely provide a wide range of knowledge for the capiznon. This is a way to encourage the people to participate since it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This competition is also a big way to let the international community to know that Capiznon have quality skills in the field of blogging. We cannot deny the fact that it will require a hectic schedule especially in the time of practice and of study but the great essence of this is the price of hardship and dedication.

Blogger newbie from Capiz

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