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“2 Column Page in HTML 5″

2 Column Page in HTML 5 – Viewed in Safari 3

Screen shot by J Kyrnin

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About this Web Template

This is a two column template with a header section. It is written in valid HTML 5, and uses CSS to create the layout. You can put the navigation column on the right or left depending upon where you float the article content.

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See The Template Please note that the CMS uses does not allow me to change the doctype from HTML 4.01 to HTML 5. This page may or may not display correctly. For best results, copy the HTML and CSS and view them on your own machine.

Scroll down for instructions on how to get the files for this template.

Works in Browsers


* Opera 9 and 10

* Safari 3 and 4


* Opera 9 and 10

* Safari 3 and 4

Details of 2 Column Web Page in HTML 5 Template

* There are two primary sections of this page – the header and the section with article and navigation.

* The header section has an hgroup of a h1 and h2 headline.

* The second section has an article and a nav.

* The article has a figure inside it.

* All layout information is held in the CSS – the HTML tags just show where to put it.

To Use the Free Web Template

1. Copy the CSS into a document named styles.css

2. Copy the HTML into a file in the same directory

3. Don’t forget to add a title to the page

4. Publish all documents to the same directory on your Web server (HTML page, image, and CSS file)

5. If you want to add design changes – create and link to another CSS file or add your styles to styles.css

The Web Template Data


* The CSS

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Terms of Use

You are free to use any of the free Web templates here for personal or commercial designs, either in print or on the Web, excluding items for resale. You may not give away, sell, or redistribute the files in any way. Do not post these files on any another website, electronically distribute them, or include them in any package for distribution. If you find these files useful, please include a credit line or a link back to this site []. Terms of use last modified 12/07/2008.

2 Column Web Page in HTML 5 Template Files

* The Template


* The CSS

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