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Free Web templates for you to use to design your site. Copy and paste these free Web templates into your HTML editor, fill in the blanks and you will have a Web page. Free Web templates make it very easy for you to design your Web site.

Plurk CSS Customization Themes

Plurk is letting people change the way their Plurk pages look using CSS customization. They’re giving you the freedom to create and add your own CSS customization to your Plurk pages, much like MySpace lets you do. They only ask that you be tasteful in the creation of your CSS themes, and I second that. If the CSS theme you use on your Plurk page is too bright or busy, people won’t be abl…

Archive Page – Free Web Template for Online Diaries

Link to all your old month link pages from this free Web template. This way if people want to go back and read things you wrote months or years ago they can still find it.

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Basic Simple Page – Free Web Template

This is a simple, very basic free Web template. If you are a beginner, just starting out, then this free Web template is for you. There is only one column.

Biography Page – Free Web Template

The main purpose of the biography page is to tell people about you. Who are you? Where are you from? Use this free Web template and just fill it in.

Free Web Templates – Build an XHTML+CSS Web Site

“Use these free Web templates to create valid XHTML documents using CSS instead of tables. If you don’t want to learn to write CSS layouts, you can still create valid XHTML using free Web templates. The newest are listed first.”

Links or Graphics Index Page – Free Web Template

Create a page of links to your graphics or links that you like using this free Web template. Just fill in the blanks of this free Web template with your links and text.

Month Archive Page – Free Web Template for Online Diaries

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This is a page you can use to link to all your most recent entries. I wrote this free Web template in calendar format so it would be easy for people to find what they are looking for.

One Picture Per Page, with Navigation – Free Web Template

If you want to set up your photo album so that each photo is on a separate page then here is a free Web template you can use for your picture page.

Online Diary Homepage – Free Web Template

This is the main page that people will see when they find your Website. It is used to tell people what they will find on your Web site and to help them navigate to your other pages. Use this free Web template to help you create it quickly.

Online Diary Page – Free Web Template

This free Web template you will use over and over and over again. Every time you write an entry you can create a new page by reusing this free Web template. Write whatever you want here. This is your space to be creative and say anything you want.

Photo Album – Free Web Template

Post pictures to your weblog. Let people see who you are and who your friends and family are using this free Web template.

Print Ready Page Code

Create print ready pages on your Web pages. Do you want to allow your readers to be able to print your Web pages so they can read them again later or share them with friends? You can with this JavaScript.

Simple Web Page Navigation Menu

This is a simple Web page navigation menu that you can use, free, in your HTML to create a menu on your Web page that your readers can use to find their way around your Web site.

3 Column Web Page – Free Web Template

This free Web template gives you three columns. The column on the right and the column on the left in this free Web template are places where you can put links to other Web sites. I like to put links to other pages on my site on the left and links to other Web sites that are related to the subject of the page on the right.

Use Templates For Easy Web Design

Create a Web site without knowing any coding. Copy the code from these templates into your HMTL editor and add your text to create your own personalized Web pages. Any changes that you need to make and places where you can add text are labled to make your designing easier.

Free Flash Templates

All kinds of cool Flash and CSS templates for you to use on your website.

Many different categories of templates for your Web site. Design your Web site for just about anything you need it to be.

Open Source Web Design Templates

Over 2000 free designs you can use for your Web pages. All designs are donated by designers and are free. Just download the template and graphics and add them to your Web site.

Creating Online – Free Online Tools

Free templates you can use to create your Web pages. Also, free online HTML editor, free javascript, a free online CSS generator, etc., free online photo album generator, free backgrounds, bars, buttons, bullets, and icons, free online image editing and web design tools. Free web page graphics and stock photos.

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