The Internet is a different world where many people say to be successful you need to have the best content.  Then they always say the phrase, “content is king”… I am going to take that advice a step further.

Content is the most valuable thing that your blog provides right… Or is it?  If people wanted to just read the content then what is the benefit of going to a blog to read it?  The benefit is that there is a vibrant (hopefully! ) community of bloggers, readers and visitors.  Sure content is what gets you there in the first place, so it is the source of traffic for many in the beginning, but I would contend that “Community is King”.

Community is what takes a good blog and turns it into a successful blog.  For example… a blog I read often is Daily Blog Tips.  Now the content is great, but the interaction is what keeps me coming back.  Sure I know that I will find something new and interesting every time I go, but its because I know the community of readers and bloggers is there.

You see, a good blog becomes successful when it starts to finally have a community.  This means that comments are made, subscribers are reading, and discussion takes place as much in the “comments” section as in the posts themselves.  The ideas and discussions are often just summarized in the posts by Daniel, the blogger of Daily Blog Tips.  Daniel is successful as well because he answers questions, makes comments, and interacts with his readers.  It is a real blog for Daniel, not a website.

You are saying right now though, but its content that got you there… I know, I know, I am not discounting the content just emphasizing the most important factor for success, community.  Community provides links, traffic, ideas, constructive criticism and lots and lots of promotion.  Like DBT’s, I am now writing about them!  So, the step from abscurity goes from meager traffic to an enlarged community.  Then, “shazzam!”  traffic and advertisers come a running.  This is because the community is promoting you which drastically increases your search engine results and your pagerank/popularity.  Content is #2, “Community is King!”

Agree/Disagree… Let me know what you think about it below and become part of the community by commenting and subscribing to my email or RSS feed.

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