This might sound weird, but it is a factor that too many bloggers do not think about.  We, bloggers, often associate every action with either a visit or future visit.  This is good because it gives us the understanding that hard work, a good community and great content will pay off.  But, we often forget that as we work hard and start to receive traffic keeping the traffic is vital to getting more.

This comes from two things:

  1. Community is King” and getting visitors to return increases the likelihood they will contribute to your blog, leave comments, and most importantly…
  2. Community Promotion.  Bloggers are all over the web leaving links to articles and blogs they like.  Look at social media… So getting traffic increases your traffic because they will spread the word for you.

Now, how do you get them to do the 2 things?  This is the most essential part.  Unique relevant content and interaction.  They want to know who produces such great work and how you became who you are.  People want a narrative to what they are seeing.  It makes or breaks their experiences in the Blogging World.

Remember the more traffic you have, the more you get….

Agree/Disagree… Let me know!

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