Well I am just listening to a little Radiohead and writing this post… Life is good!

Today I want to talk about exponential growth of blog traffic.  Yes it does sound confusing… but don’t worry it is not.  I was reading about different traffic ideas and trying to get a feel for the time line of traffic building when I ran across a few key articles on the blogosphere.

The first is the idea that blog traffic does not grow steadily along an even line of growth.  Most bloggers think traffic growth comes this way.  That assumption is incorrect.  I’ll show you what people think incorrectly through a graph…


The truth is that blog traffic growth does not work out so evenly.  It grows exponentially.  Merriam Webster defines exponential as “characterized by or being an extremely rapid increase (as in size or extent).”  This is good for bloggers because it is saying when you start to get traffic it really takes off.

It is challenging though to remember that a month period of growth does not mean that the next months growth will be the same.  So for 3 months your blog might not grow very much at all.  Then suddenly the next 3 months are incredible.  I’ll show you what I mean…


So what does this mean for your blog?  It means through consistent effort, patience and time your blog will pick up traffic it just might not be how you first thought.  And that’s okay!

Also of interest:

DBT – Exponential

Research from Problogger – Interestingly research shows the top 100 blogs have an average age of 33.8 months… Time is the ultimate filter of great blogs!

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