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blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog

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Start copying this template below where you see <HTML>. That’s the beginning of the code. You may have to copy and paste the code in two sections if there is a commercial in the way. You don’t want to copy and paste the commercial and the code around it.



<TITLE>blogging, blogger,blogspot,make money from blog</TITLE>



<BR>Blogs are usually aimed for the organic traffic from the SEOs. Search Engines like blogs because their information is constantly updating. You can also optimize the content of your blog for the specific keywords so that your articles would get more attention of the SEOs. Don’t forget that blogs have the informative aim. So if you promote some services there, don’t overstuff it, because the visitors will not like it. People will come to your blog to look for the information. Try to offer your visitors as much useful information as possible, so that they would like to visit your blog again and bookmark your page.

Unlike the websites, blogs are more personal place in the Internet. You can personalize your blog by offering some information about yourself, adding a picture of your dog. It will make your visitors be loyal to you and visit your blog more often. Be yourself and share your honest point of view when you write for your blog. You can also write from the first person there, it will make you closer to your readers.

Besides the SEO, the other way for generating more traffic to your blog is the links exchanging. You can exchange links with other blogs and as a result you will receive traffic from the other blogs as well as the other blogs will get visitors from your blog. Don’t be courteous that it may cause all your visitors go to the other blogs. Link exchanging strategy proved its effectiveness. It lets more traffic visit your blog. Even if some of them leave your page, those who are interested in your services will stay with you.

Don’t underestimate the blogging. This easy and not expensive method can play a main role in the promotion of your internet based business and help you make money from home.

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