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Get Rid of Myspace Profile Editor Code

Tuesday September 22, 2009

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For some reason MySpace did away with the clear all button on their MySpace Profile Editor. Hopefully this is only temporary and it will soon be back up and running soon for all of you who want to revert back to your previous MySpace profile.

In the meantime, here’s a fix for the MySpace Profile Editor. If you find yourself wanting to revert back to your old MySpace profile, this is what you can do…(Get Your Fix)

Read more about this at comment #43 in the post about How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

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o How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

o Edit MySpace Profile With This Editor

o Add MySpace Backgrounds

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How To Tag Friends in Facebook Posts

Sunday September 20, 2009

Now you can tag people in your Facebook posts. Before you could tag people in photos, now you can do it in your posts too. I love this feature because when I talk about my son, I can link to his profile and people know exactly who I’m talking about. They can click through to his profile and read about him and see who he is.

The one think I don’t like about this feature is that it only puts in the person’s full name. I like referring to my son as Nick. The tool puts his name in as Nick Roeder. So instead of me saying, “Nick won his bike race today.” It will read, “Nick Roeder won his bike race today.” Which sounds pretty weird since I’m talking about my own son, don’t you think?

…(Try It Out!)

o How to Use Facebook’s Homepage

o Make Friends on Facebook

o Cotton Candy Friends vs Real Friends

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How to Use the MySpace Profile Editor

Saturday September 19, 2009

MySpace Lisa Simpson Skin

Image on

Here’s your chance to learn how to use the MySpace profile Editor. Now updating your MySpace profile will be easier than ever. With the MySpace profile editor you’ll be able to change the background on your MySpace profile, change the layout and style of your MySpace profile, change the way the text on your MySpace profile looks and more.

o Toys for Your MySpace Profile

o MySpace Hacks

o Templates for MySpace

Tell us what you think of the MySpace profile editor. I personally think it’s about time. People have been changing their MySpace profiles using templates, backgrounds and other things ever since MySpace started. Now even the beginner can design a personalized MySpace profile.

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7 Things To Do With Photos On MySpace

Thursday September 17, 2009

I gathered together all the MySpace photo articles I’ve written and put them all together in one place. Now whenever you want to add photos to MySpace, anywhere on MySpace, you can just come here and find out how. Photos are an integral part of any website, and for a social networking site it’s even more important.

Learn about how you can add photos right on to your MySpace profile, into the MySpace photo album or in your comments. Even find out how you can create several different photo albums on MySpace and then turn your photo album into a slideshow…(More Info)

o Getting Started With MySpace

o MySpace IM

o How to Add MySpace Songs To Your MySpace Profile

Is anything missing? Are there other ways to add photos on MySpace?

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Does Your Company Social Network?

Wednesday September 16, 2009

I have to say, I’m really surprised at how many big companies are still not using the power of social networking. I started a new “day job” at a rather large company (that shall remain unnamed)and was more than a little surprised to see how behind the times they are.

They do have a LinkedIn site, but it’s only for employees to join. There’s no networking going on at all, none that I can see anyway. They have a Facebook, but they only post to it about three times a year.

They don’t use either of these valuable resources to re

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