Blogging is the new baby of marketing; Advertising is the cost that one doesn’t want to bear to raise this baby. Blogging for dollars seems to be the latest craze to hit the Internet and that’s what inspired Dushyant Bhatia, a 23 year old internet entrepreneur from India to come up with Blogertize, as the name suggests, is a platform for budding bloggers to advertise their blogs. Launched on Sep 01, 2008, the site is open for all the bloggers/forums worldiwide to rent pixel buttons for a 3 year period by paying a one time charge as low as $15. The website is categorized into 12 segments namely sports, technology, health, politics, finance, gaming, education, showbiz, travel, life, literature and social responsibility. All the pixel buttons in social responsibility can be booked by the NGOs and social service organization worldwide free of cost on first come first serve basis.

Blog marketing is powerful and effective but unlike big businesses/corporates, not all bloggers can afford to spend a huge chunk on advertisements. The truth is most bloggers don’t have that kind of money to spend on marketing, so what can be done? Either wait for the traffic to grow organically, auction off advertising space on ebay, try different income streams like adsense, donations, text link ads etc. Search Engine Advertising is becoming more costly and media is getting very expensive and advertising for small/medium businesses and online hobbyists is not easy.

Blogertize seems to have found a simplified solution that caters to the needs of these leisure pursuits. The idea seems to have clicked given the fact that around 35 odd buttons worth $3,500+ covering almost all the segments have already been reserved within the first ten days following the company’s launch. The site is planning to launch its forum by the end of November which would not be limited to a particular topic/subject but would be a place where anything and everything could be discussed.

This one of a kind forum is likely to encourage the empowerment of its members by providing them with a rich access to information and resources. i.e. A member who’d like to keep himself/herself updated about the latest in the tech circuit could sign up for the monthly tech newsletter, the content of which will be provided by the bloggers advertising with the site. The link to the blog from where the content has been extracted would also be mentioned in the newsletter.

So if one is seeking loyal readers with whom to share thoughts, opinion and experiences or is looking for ways to increase ad revenue – could be a fine investment.


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