Blog Writing is a common practice these days. The number of Blog Writings has reached to 12 million and is on a rapid rise. This is because of the fact that people want to have exposure to as much people as possible in order to understand them and make them understand they feel, to share the personal feelings and much more. Blog Writing makes one to have global contacts in one leap as it is available on the World Wide Web which can be accessed from any point in the world.

So many people, corporations, groups use the Blog Writing for their specific purposes that it has become a multifaceted thing. It has a lot of purposes and aims. And to cover all of them are present a lot of types of Blog Writing. Here in the lines as under those types of Blog Writing will be discussed briefly.

The first and most common plus well known type of the Blog Writing is personal Blog Writing. These are the blogs that people write to introduce themselves to others. It is a kind of online directory. It has the list of friends and they can also be accessed and contacted. And this process goes on. It also gives the reader or visitor an opportunity to comment on any aspect of Blog Writing and its owner.

In this manner there arises a great interesting document that contains the list of comments of people for the owner of Blog Writing. This type of blog is also used to share the personal messages and ideas. People also inform each others of their known news items and then discuss them.

A Blog Writing can also be of a corporate nature. It is not necessary that a person or an individual will develop the blog but it is also possible that a company develops the blog and uses it as a marketing tool. Another very famous type of Blog Writing is a Vlog or a Blog Writing that contains media contents such as videos to be seen by the audiences. Photolog contains the photos for the general public. In the same manner there can be Blog Writing for specific fields which include the fashion blogs, education blogs, travel blogs, political blogs and niche blogs as well.

These are some types of blogs that are very famous on the internet these days and also a very important source of information and entertainment as well when Blog Writing .

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